Editor Testimonial: International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology

International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology

The International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology has been serving the research community for 35 years. In 1988, there was a need for a platform of promoting and disseminating significant research efforts in the interface between fabric and garment with a focus on fabric mechanics and garment manufacture which manifested into 3D Modelling (design), and automation (manufacture).

A decade later, at the very start of the 20s, IJCST widened its scope and embraced the development of modern textiles and their diversity. Textile research related to medical textiles, nano textiles, SMART textiles, electronic textiles, textile composites and their non-clothing end uses were promoted and actively supported.

IJCST is particularly proud and honoured that it was the only journal to organise targeted publications that became road maps in research such as Fabric Objective Measurement, Garment Robotics and Automation and Intelligent Garment Manufacture, Fabric and Garment Drape, Modelling and CAD, SMART Textiles, Wearable Electronics, Electrospinning Nano Fibres, Sustainable, Natural and Green Dyeing and Finishing, and Kansei Engineering. These areas have been underpinned by the active support of the most eminent scientists in the world, which are friends and associates of IJCST; Leaf, Kawabata and Niwa, Grosberg, X Tao, Postle, Hearle, T Little, I Porat,J Fan to name a few.

Nevertheless, IJCST has not been confined to only publishing papers, but it has also pioneered over the years in publishing Research Bulletins for connecting the efforts of researchers to industry, examples are the Objective Measurement Technical Bulletins, which was widely used by industry, the Research Registers, a depository of research projects prior to any paper publication, the reporting of patents, of PhD thesis completions, the partnering with International Conferences, the setting up of Focused Issues and Special Issues, promoting research students and supporting new reviewers. In reviewing of manuscripts, there have been reviews that became real author training of not only how to write a scientific manuscript but also how to optimise its methodology and interpreting its results. IJCST can claim that it is actively helping the development of the research community, and of adding to knowledge creation.

In the new world of publishing and in the ever fast changing publishing global environment, IJCST has some incredible statistics that render it one of the best performing journals in textiles and clothing with its citation factor performance increasing year on year.

With authority, conviction, and professionalism IJCST continues its mission to promote and disseminate new knowledge by publishing original, peer reviewed research papers, reviews, and editorials. In its proceeding volumes we will see special issues, authoritative reviews and editorials, and partnering with International Conferences, whilst continue targeted promotion of original papers on E-Textiles, Nanotextiles and Engineering of Aesthetics. All of this with a supporting publisher and an impeccable production and editorial team, and most importantly loyal authors, reviewers, and users, to whom I am grateful.

And all of that in the altar of Science, of progress and prosperity, and for a better environment and quality of life.


George Stylios

IJCST Editor in Chief