Welcome to the virtual special issue (VSI) of the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM) on stress and burnout. This VSI compiles 15 timely, strong and impactful articles on stress and burnout that have been previously published in IJCHM. These articles can help researchers, instructors and practitioners. Should you enjoy perusing the articles within this VSI, we would greatly encourage you to share the link with other scholars, colleagues, students and industry partners. We welcome your thoughts and recommendations, and also any suggestions of new articles published in IJCHM to add to this list on stress and burnout in hospitality and tourism. Please also feel free to peruse and share our previous virtual issues under the Journal News section.

Dr. Fevzi Okumus
Editor-in-Chief of IJCHM


Table of Contents

The relationships among work values, burnout, and organizational citizenship behaviors: A study from hotel front‐line service employees in Taiwan
Ying-Wen Liang

Impact of organisational culture on job stress and burnout in graded accommodation establishments in the Free State province, South Africa
Deseré Kokt, Relebohile Ramarumo

Faking it or feeling it: The emotional displays of surface and deep acting on stress and engagement
Lindsey Lee, Juan M. Madera

Workload, generic and work–family specific social supports and job stress: Mediating role of work–family and family–work conflict
Sari Mansour, Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay

Impacts of misbehaving air passengers on frontline employees: role stress and emotional labor
Hsin-Hui “Sunny” Hu, Hsin-Yi Hu, Brian King

The effects of work overload and work‐family conflict on job embeddedness and job performance: The mediation of emotional exhaustion
Osman M. Karatepe

Revisiting talent management, work-life balance and retention strategies
Margaret Deery, Leo Jago

Influences of artificial intelligence (AI) awareness on career competency and job burnout
Haiyan Kong, Yue Yuan, Yehuda Baruch, Naipeng Bu, Xinyu Jiang, Kangping Wang

Employees’ burnout and emotional intelligence as mediator and moderator in the negative spiral of incivility
Haemi Kim, Hailin Qu

Sexual harassment and customer-oriented boundary-spanning behaviors: The role of burnout and psychological safety of deluxe hotel employees
Hyo Sun Jung, Hye Hyun Yoon

Understanding regulatory focuses: The role of employees’ regulatory focus in stress coping styles, and turnover intent to a five-star hotel
Hyo Sun Jung, Hye Hyun Yoon

Got political skill? The direct and moderating impact of political skill on stress, tension and outcomes in restaurants
Taegoo Terry Kim, Osman M. Karatepe, Ung Young Chung

Stressor effects of negative online reviews on anger and burnout in the restaurant industry
Karin Weber, Graham L. Bradley, Beverley Sparks

Incivility, satisfaction and turnover intention of tourist hotel chefs: Moderating effects of emotional intelligence
Hsi-Tien Chen, Chih-Hung Wang

Why do you feel stressed in a “smile factory”? Hospitality job characteristics influence work–family conflict and job stress
Xinyuan (Roy) Zhao, Richard Ghiselli