Virtual Special Issue: Social Media in Hospitality and Tourism

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

Welcome to the virtual special issue (VSI) of the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM) on social media. This VSI compiles 17 timely, strong and impactful articles on social media that have been previously published in IJCHM. These articles can help researchers, instructors and practitioners. Should you enjoy perusing the articles within this VSI, we would greatly encourage you to share the link with other scholars, colleagues, students and industry partners. We welcome your thoughts and recommendations, and also any suggestions of new articles published in IJCHM to add to this list on social media in hospitality and tourism. Please also feel free to peruse our previous virtual issues under the Journal News section.

Dr. Fevzi Okumus
Editor-in-Chief of IJCHM


Table of Contents

Selling rooms online: the use of social media and online travel agents
Alessandro Inversini, Lorenzo Masiero

Sharing tourism experiences in social media: A literature review and a set of suggested business strategies
Marios D. Sotiriadis

Social media review rating versus traditional customer satisfaction: Which one has more incremental predictive power in explaining hotel performance?
Woo Gon Kim, Seo Ah Park

Online and social media recruitment: Hospitality employer and prospective employee considerations
Adele Ladkin, Dimitrios Buhalis

Brand strategies in social media in hospitality and tourism
Sérgio Moro, Paulo Rita

The role of social media advertising in hospitality, tourism and travel: a literature review and research agenda
Shu-Chuan Chu, Tao Deng, Hong Cheng

Social media, customer engagement and advocacy: An empirical investigation using Twitter data for quick service restaurants
C.M. Sashi, Gina Brynildsen, Anil Bilgihan

Analysis of satisfiers and dissatisfiers in online hotel reviews on social media
Bona Kim, Seongseop Kim, Cindy Y. Heo

Social media usage in hotel human resources: recruitment, hiring and communication
Chris Gibbs, Fraser MacDonald, Kelly MacKay

A bibliometric analysis of social media in hospitality and tourism research
Khaldoon Nusair, Irfan Butt, S.R. Nikhashemi

Developing a comprehensive life cycle framework for social media research in hospitality and tourism: A bibliometric method 2002-2018
Khaldoon Nusair

Task-technology fit analysis of social media use for marketing in the tourism and hospitality industry: a systematic literature review
Hsien-Cheng Lin, Xiao Han, Tu Lyu, Wen-Hsien Ho, Yunbao Xu, Tien-Chih Hsieh, Lihua Zhu, Liang Zhang

Social media activity in a festival context: temporal and content analysis
Kelly MacKay, Danielle Barbe, Christine M. Van Winkle, Elizabeth Halpenny

Value co-creation on social media: Examining the relationship between brand engagement and display advertising effectiveness for Chinese hotels
Shan Lin, Shuai Yang, Minghui Ma, Jian Huang

Determinants of hotel social media continued usage
Timothy Hyungsoo Jung, M. Claudia Tom Dieck, Namho Chung

A segmented machine learning modelling approach of social media for predicting occupancy
Apostolos Ampountolas, Mark P. Legg

Destination image through social media analytics and survey method
Michael S. Lin, Yun Liang, Joanne X. Xue, Bing Pan, Ashley Schroeder