Literati Awards Winners of the International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow

International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow

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2022 Literati Awards
Outstanding Paper

On heat transfer and flow characteristics of jets impinging onto concave surface with varying bleeding arrangements
Dandan Qiu, Lei Luo, Zhiqi Zhao, Songtao Wang, Zhongqi Wang, Bengt Ake Sunden

Outstanding Reviewer
Bengt Sunden
Ioan Pop

2020 Literati Awards
Outstanding Paper

Numerical investigation for second law analysis of ferrofluid inside a porous semi annulus: an application of entropy generation and exergy loss
M. Sheikholeslami, R. Ellahi, Ahmad Shafee, Zhixiong Li

Highly Commended Winner
MHD mixed convection of nanofluid in a cubic cavity with a conductive partition for various nanoparticle shapes
Fatih Selimefendigil, Hakan F. Öztop, Ali J. Chamkha

Unsteady natural convection in a partially porous cavity having a heat-generating source using local thermal non-equilibrium model
Marina S. Astanina, Mikhail Sheremet, C. Jawali Umavathi

Outstanding Reviewer
A. C. Benim

2019 Literati Award
Outstanding Paper

Numerical simulation of two-phase flow regime in horizontal pipeline and its validation
Sam Ban, William Pao, Mohammad Shakir Nasif

Highly Commended Paper
An adaptive fully discontinuous Galerkin level set method for incompressible multiphase flows
Ali Karakus, Tim Warburton, Mehmet Haluk Aksel, Cuneyt Sert

Modelling electro-osmotic flow in porous media: a review
Simona Di Fraia, Nicola Massarotti, P. Nithiarasu

Rack level transient CFD modeling of data center
Yogesh Fulpagare, Yogendra Joshi, Atul Bhargav

Outstanding Reviewer
Bengt Sunden
Mikhail Sheremet

2016 Literati Awards
Outstanding Paper

Hybrid numerical methods combining discretized multidimensional and segmented-quasi-one-dimensional models for simulating thermofluid systems
Alexandre Lamoureux, Bantwal R. (Rabi) Baliga

Highly Commended Paper
An improved turbulence model for predicting unsteady cavitating flows in centrifugal pump
Jian Wang, Yong Wang, Houlin Liu, Haoqin Huang, Linglin Jiang

FEM for the 3-D analysis of conjugate conduction-convection heat transfer in cross-flow micro heat exchangers
Carlo Nonino, Stefano Savino, Stefano Del Giudice

Finite element dynamical subgrid-scale model for low Mach-number flows with radiative heat transfer
Matias Avila, R Codina, Javier Principe

Outstanding Reviewer
Andrew Rees
Ioan Pop
S Abbasbandy

2015 Literati Awards
Outstanding Paper

On maximum achievable speeds for field solvers
Rainald Löhner, Joseph D. Baum

Highly Commended Paper
Boundary Layer Flow near Stagnation-Points on a Vertical Surface with Slip in the Presence of Transverse Magnetic Field
Ibrahim Yakubu Seini, Daniel Oluwole Makinde

Numerical and analytical solutions for Falkner-Skan flow of MHD Oldroyd-B fluid
S. Abbasbandy, T. Hayat, A. Alsaedi, M.M. Rashidi

Numerical Modelling of Multiple Length Scales in Thermal Transport Processes
Yogesh Jaluria

Outstanding Reviewer
Oluwole Makinde
S Abbasbandy

2014 Literati Awards
Outstanding Paper

Solution of a low Prandtl number natural convection benchmark by a local meshless method
Gregor Kosec, Božidar Šarler

Highly Commended Paper
Effects of viscous dissipation and Newtonian heating on boundary layer flow of nanofluids over a flat plate
Oluwole Daniel Makinde

Loss of monotonicity and anomalous scaling behavior in the passive scalar gradient: A DNS study on causes of intermittency
Ivan Langella, Carlo Scalo, Giuseppe De Felice, Carlo Meola

Predictions of round impinging jet heat transfer with two k‐ω hybrid RANS/LES models
Slawomir Kubacki, Jacek Rokicki, Erik Dick

Outstanding Reviewer
Andrzej Nowak
Nicola Massarotti

2013 Literati Awards
Outstanding Paper

Natural convection from a vertical permeable cone in a nanofluid saturated porous media for uniform heat and nanoparticles volume fraction fluxes
A.J. Chamkha, A.M. Rashad

Highly Commended Paper
Application of modified discrete ordinates method to combined conduction-radiation heat transfer problems in irregular geometries
H. Amiri, S.H. Mansouri, P.J. Coelho

Ground effect phenomena about lift and downforce generating cambered aerofoils
Jonathan W. Vogt, Tracie J. Barber

Rational approximation solution of the foam drainage equation with time- and space-fractional derivatives
Ahmet Yıldırım, Hüseyin Koçak

Outstanding Reviewer
Andrzej Nowak
Ji-Huan He

2012 Literati Awards
Outstanding Paper

Numerical simulation of natural convection and phase-change in a horizontal Bridgman apparatus
Diego Celentano, Marcela Cruchaga, Jorge Romero, Mohammed El Ganaoui

Highly Commended Paper
Boundary layer flow over a moving surface in a nanofluid beneath a uniform free stream
Azizah Mohd Rohni, Syakila Ahmad, Ioan Pop

Effect of chemical reaction on heat and mass transfer by mixed convection flow about a sphere in a saturated porous media
A.M. Rashad, A.J. Chamkha, S.M.M. El‐Kabeir

Integral transforms solution for flow development in wavy wall ducts
Roseane L. Silva, João N.N. Quaresma, Carlos A.C. Santos, Renato M. Cotta