Foresight - Literati Award Winners 2020


We are to pleased to announce our 2020 Literati Award winners.

Outstanding Paper
Long-term trajectories of human civilization
Seth D. Baum, Stuart Armstrong, Timoteus Ekenstedt, Olle Häggström, Robin Hanson, Karin Kuhlemann, Matthijs M. Maas, James D. Miller, Markus Salmela, Anders Sandberg, Kaj Sotala, Phil Torres, Alexey Turchin, Roman V. Yampolskiy

Highly Commended Papers
The prioritization of technologies and public R&D roles between the manufacturing and service industries in the fourth industrial revolution
Jinwon Kang, Jong-Seok Kim, Seonmi Seol

Knowledge intensive business services: innovation and occupations
Ian Douglas Miles, Veronika Belousova, Nikolay Chichkanov 

Blockchain platform and future bank competition
Wesley L. Harris, Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat 

Outstanding Reviewers
Graham May
Eva Hideg
Roey Tzezana
Reza Alizadeh