Drugs and Alcohol Today - Literati Award Winners 2020

Drugs, Habits and Social Policy

We are to pleased to announce our 2020 Literati Award winners.

Dr George Benson Awards
In memory of George Benson, NHS Glasgow and Clyde, and recognition of the contribution he and colleagues have made to alcohol studies in a collaboration between practitioners and academics. George died unexpectedly last summer. Our acknowledgements to his work and our condolences to his family and colleagues.

Outstanding Papers
“The junkie abuses, the psychonaut learns”: a qualitative analysis of an online drug forum community
Sara Rolando, Franca Beccaria

The role of critical moments in young offenders’ drug-using trajectories
Franca Beccaria, Sara Rolando

Highly Commended Papers
A message from the guest editor of this special “Chemsex” edition of Drugs and Alcohol Today
Marcus Day

Time to look beyond ageing as a factor? Alternative explanations for the continuing rise in drug related deaths in Scotland
Iain McPhee, Barry Sheridan, Steve O’Rawe

Chemsex: origins of the word, a history of the phenomenon and a respect to the culture
David Stuart

Outstanding Reviewer
Heino Stoever