CDI now welcomes practitioner-style articles

Career Development International

Career Development International is a journal that is dedicated to the study of careers throughout lifespans and in various contexts. We are now pleased to announce that we have introduced new practitioner-style articles in recognition of the practical aspects of career exploration and to broaden our reach to include practitioners. This exciting development is inspired by the call to reduce the research-practice gap by providing an outlet that directly impacts practitioners such as career counselors and organizational units focused on improving career access and mobility for their members. Practitioner-style articles will feature shorter manuscripts (3000 words) that will demonstrate how career research can improve organizational performance and extend to other domains of life. We hope that this new format will help to enrich the lives of practitioners and those interested in careers while, at the same time, inspiring scholarly inquiry.  

If you are interested in discussing a proposal for this new article type, please reach out to our dedicated Practitioner Senior Editor, Dr. William E Donald, via email: [email protected]. Dr. Donald can share the standard template for submissions and can provide feedback on your proposal.