Virtual Issue: Research on the Covid-19 Pandemic

China Agricultural Economic Review

This virtual issue brings together recent articles on the Covid-19 pandemic, which have been published in past issues of China Agricultural Economic Review. Topics covered include the impact of Covid-19 on food security, how pandemics affect agricultural production, how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected food prices, and an analysis of stockpiling behaviour. These articles are free to access from 11th January 2021 to 11th February 2021. We hope that this research proves useful to scholars, practitioners and policymakers across the globe.

Editorial – COVID-19 and food security: early responses, impact and lessons from China
Kevin Z. Chen, Shenggen Fan, Yue Zhan

Impact of COVID-19 on China's macroeconomy and agri-food system – an economy-wide multiplier model analysis
Yumei Zhang, Xinshen Diao, Kevin Z. Chen, Sherman Robinson, Shenggen Fan

The impact of epidemics on agricultural production and forecast of COVID-19
Shurui Zhang, Shuo Wang, Lingran Yuan, Xiaoguang Liu, Binlei Gong

COVID-19, supply chain disruption and China’s hog market: a dynamic analysis
Yubin Wang, Jingjing Wang, Xiaoyang Wang

The impact of COVID-19 on food prices in China: evidence of four major food products from Beijing, Shandong and Hubei Provinces
Xiaohua Yu, Chang Liu, Hanjie Wang, Jan-Henning Feil

The impact of online grocery shopping on stockpile behavior in Covid-19
Na Hao, H. Holly Wang, Qingjie Zhou

How to prevent a global food and nutrition security crisis under COVID-19?
Shenggen Fan, Wei Si, Yumei Zhang

A snapshot of food supply chain in Wuhan under the COVID-19 pandemic
Shi Min, Xiaoheng Zhang, Gucheng Li

Impact of COVID-19 on China's agricultural trade
Lijuan Cao, Tianxiang Li, Rongbo Wang, Jing Zhu

The role of e-commerce in the urban food system under COVID-19: lessons from China
Hongdong Guo, Yehong Liu, Xinjie Shi, Kevin Z. Chen