Sustainable solutions for Tropical Asian Cities: The nexus between architecture, technology and heritage

Call for papers for: Archnet-IJAR

Guest editors

Dr. Keith Kay Hin TAN, Taylor’s University

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Associate Professor Dr. Johannes Widodo, National University of Singapore

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Dr. Camelia Kusumo, Taylor’s University 

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Overview of special issue

The well-documented shift of the global economy’s centre of gravity from Europe and North America towards the Indo-Pacific region has generated a surge in interest regarding the region’s socio-economic present and its imagined future. Commercial and academic Interest in the region’s cities and built environment has similarly grown, with academic publications about architecture increasingly embracing issues of tropical, warm-climate design. Given the threat of global warming to the future well-being of mankind, the issues of sustainable solutions for tropical Asian cities will have implications not only for Asia, but will also hint at future challenges and solutions affecting many parts of a rapidly warming planet.  

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Indicative list of anticipated themes

Heritage for a sustainable future sub themes:  

  • Shifting paradigms of culture and community 
  • Identity through architecture  
  • Technologies in heritage practices  
  • Heritage for climate action 

Tropical sustainability sub themes:

  • Sustainable architecture 
  • Disruptive technologies in the built environment  
  • New norms for public spaces  
  • Ecological design  
  • Post-pandemic wellbeing  
  • Transformation of architecture and urbanism  
  • Transformative delivery in the built environment 

Key dates

Call for papers: 15 March 2021

Abstract submission: 21 May 2021

Abstract acceptance: 4 June 2021

Full paper submission opens on ScholarOne: 27 August 2021

Full paper submission deadline: 17 December 2021

Submission details

The full paper submissions must be made via ScholarOne

*Please note that the ThinkSpace 2021 conference organisers will be involved in the process of paper selections for this special issue, and full-paper submissions must therefore first be submitted to the ThinkSpace Conference website. The conference organisers may request improvements to articles accepted by the conference prior to recommending such papers for the consideration of this special issue. Acceptance by the conference is therefore a pre-requisite (but not the only condition) for publication in this special issue.