AAAJ special issues on COVID-19: Making an impact an opportunity

Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal

Our academic world is increasingly more demanding of research impact. As academics and scholars, we are asked to disseminate our research and to demonstrate its practical and social implications.

As a guest editor of a double AAAJ special issue on COVID-19, I am convinced that those timely research outputs have impacted a better understanding of the pandemic's various practical and social consequences within the accounting and accountability fields (Leoni et al., 2021; Leoni et al., 2022).

As academics who studied the COVID-19 phenomenon, we now have an even stronger chance to make an impact by sharing our research results with the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST), which is sourcing for the UK Parliament scientific research evidence to answer the several questions that the COVID-19 outbreak has raised. They are calling for existing and future research to be shared in a large repository covering 20 Areas of Research Interest (ARIs) around the impacts of the global pandemic, which may be used by the POST and the Parliament, the Libraries and select committee teams to scope and inform future work and research. 

AAAJ and its many contributors have researched and are still researching along these lines of COVID-19 research. This is an excellent opportunity to disseminate their research outputs to political institutions and society by sharing their results with POST.

As researchers have evidence that partly or wholly answers one of the questions in the ARIs above (including evidence reviews), you can add information about the research and your contact details to the repository of existing and future COVID-19 research relevant to the UK Parliament at this link.

More information on the POST and the ARIs is available here.


Dr. Giulia Leoni
Department of Economics and Management Studies, University of Genoa - Italy
[email protected]


Leoni, G., Lai, A., Stacchezzini, R., Steccolini, I., Brammer, S., Linnenluecke, M. and Demirag, I. (2021), "Accounting, management and accountability in times of crisis: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic", Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Vol. 34 No. 6, pp. 1305-1319. 

Leoni, G., Lai, A., Stacchezzini, R., Steccolini, I., Brammer, S., Linnenluecke, M. and Demirag, I. (2022), "The pervasive role of accounting and accountability during the COVID-19 emergency", Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Vol. 35 No. 1, pp. 1-19.