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Dr David J Phipps

Dr David J Phipps, PhD, MBA is the Assistant Vice-President Research Strategy & Impact at York University, and the Network Director at Research Impact Canada.

David helps researchers, students and their non-academic (community, government) research partners collaborate to maximise their impact to society, across all Faculties and disciplines. The recipient of numerous awards, David has been named the most influential knowledge mobilizer in Canada.

David started working with Julie Bayley in 2016, and with Emerald, they have developed their research in impact literacy into online tools and services to benefit researchers and research institutions around the world.

Research Impact Canada: David Phipps
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Saskia Gent

Saskia Gent is the Founder and Director of Insights for Impact, a consultancy offering research impact support to universities in the UK and overseas.

Inspired by research, Saskia’s deep knowledge of impact and the impact agenda help researchers share their work with the world beyond academia. Saskia launched Insights for Impact after more than a decade working with universities in the UK, Europe, and in the developing world. The consultancy helps institutions, researchers, and projects optimise understanding of, and strategies for, research impact.

Saskia provides strategic support and training, as well as mentoring and coaching. In the years leading up to REF 2021, Saskia worked with more than 30 institutions, coaching, facilitating, and training hundreds of researchers to deliver their best possible impact case study submissions.

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Professor Chris Brown

Professor Chris Brown is Professor of Education Studies at Warwick University.

His primary interest is to drive forward the notion of Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) as a means to promote collaborative learning for teachers, improving both teaching practice and student outcomes across the school system. He is co-editor of Emerald’s Professional Learning Networks book series and is co-founder and co-convener of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement’s Professional Learning Networks research network.

His long-standing interest in how research evidence can and should (but often doesn’t) aid the development of education policy and practice has informed the editor/authorship of five books on the subject, scores of papers, and keynote speeches at conferences across the world.

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Dr Julie Bayley

Dr Julie Bayley, BSc, MSc, PhD is the Director of Research Impact Development at the University of Lincoln, leading the development and implementation of the institution’s impact strategy which covers training and development, REF, non-REF and much more.

Julie is also Director of the Lincoln Impact Literacy Institute (LILI) and collaborates nationally and internationally on the development of impact literacy within research.

Julie’s partnership with Dr David Phipps has led to the building and extending of the concept of impact literary, knowledge broker competencies, institutional health, and literacy and health workbooks to support the academic communities. Julie has been appointed as Emerald Publishing’s Impact Literacy Advisor, and also works closely with funders, particularly NIHR, to explore how impact literacy can be engrained in all areas of academic life.

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Toby Blume

Toby Blume is the Director and Co-Founder of Social Engine and has over 25 years’ experience of leading not-for-profit organisations, working in local government and education.

Toby combines his ability to interrogate data and evidence sources with his practitioner experience to understand how to translate evidence into practice, ensuring that the solutions are grounded in what is practical. Toby brings authority, experience and a vision for change focused squarely on improving lives and working practices.

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Laura Evans

Founder & Director of Nifty Fox Creative, Laura Evans-Hill is a trained social researcher with 10 years' experience working in the Higher Education sector.

An expert 'people understander', she works with clients to understand their audience, their stories, and their goals in minute detail. Laura is a visual storytelling trainer to help leaders communicate better, and a lecturer for storytelling for research impact for universities across the globe.

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Ursula Kelly

Ursula Kelly is founding Director of Viewforth Consultancy Ltd, a specialist consultancy focussed on higher education economic impact and policy, established in 2011.

With over 30 years' experience of working in and with higher education institutions in the UK and internationally, Ursula has led many high profile research and consultancy projects relating to tertiary education policy, higher education in the economy and information resources management and governance.

From 2007-2011 she was joint coordinator of an extensive Economic and Social Research Council and Higher Education Funding Councils' programme on the Impact of Higher Education institutions on regional economies, working with leading UK and international academic economists and researchers including Professor Peter McGregor, Professor Kim Swales (Strathclyde) and Professor Walter McMahon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

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