Some pointers on
peer review

Whether you are a regular reviewer or new to peer review, there are some behavioural do’s and don’ts that can really help the journal editors and improve the peer review activity in the process.

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  • You will be invited based on your areas of expertise, therefore please keep your account information up to date. If you are being invited for papers outside your expertise, Do please check your account information.
  • Do remember your role as reviewer is to provide productive feedback to the author so that they can improve their paper, but also to provide useful information to help the editor with their decision making.
  • Do be as detailed, constructive and specific as you can regarding the content of the paper.
  • If you have accepted the invitation to review but need more time to complete the review, DO please ask the editor for a deadline extension.
  • Do remember you can add confidential comments to the editor if you have comments that you would prefer are not shared with the authors
  • Do consider whether the paper is original or new, does the paper add to the current research in the field? Does the title and abstract accurately reflect the content of the paper? Is the methodology sound and support the findings?
  • D0 look at the manuscript type – a research paper would need a different review or thought process to a case study or literature review.


  • You don't need to proofread the paper, you should be commenting on the research itself.
  • Don’t ask authors to cite your own papers
  • Don’t accept the invitation if you really don’t have the time right now
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for an extension
  • Don’t review papers where you know the authors or where you have had some involvement in the research