The global inclusivity
report 2022

Who's doing what?

Inclusion in the academic workplace

Sixty per cent of academics say their institute is taking initiatives to drive inclusion in the workplace. North America is leading on initiatives, with 73% academic saying they know of them, followed by 64% in the UK and N&WE & UK, with a low of 49% in S&E Europe.

One in five academics ‘Don’t know’ of any initiatives. This is down from 24% in 2020, with S&E Europe topping this area at 28%. Academics from North America are most likely to know if initiatives are taking place, with only 15% saying they don’t know.

Inclusive working environments

Question 5: Are there initiatives taking place in your workplace in order to make a more inclusive working environment?

2020 figures in brackets.

Area Yes No I don’t know
2020 60.6% 15.9% 23.5%
2022 60.0% 19.8% 20.2%
UK 64.1% (64.2%) 16.1% (12.3%) 19.8% (23.5%)
Asia 57.1% (55.8%) 18.7% (18.8%) 24.2% (25.4%)
Australasia 63.2% (67.4%) 18.4% (13.5%) 18.4% (19.1%)
Latin America 57.8% (71.3%) 20.0% (11.7%) 22.2% (17.0%)
Middle East & Africa 54.6% (53.7%) 23.0% (25.0%) 22.4% (21.3%)
North America 73.4% (70.5%) 11.4% (11.4%) 15.2% (18.1%)
N&W Europe & UK 64.0% 18.0% 18.0%
S&E Europe 48.5% (55.0%) 23.5% (14.2%) 28.0% (30.8%)

Initiatives that academics say their workplaces are rolling out

Training & development

  • EDI training
  • Flexible training schedules
  • Mentorship for disabled people
  • Support of disabled staff, Black, Indigenous and people of colour
  • Skill development courses for empowerment of women
  • Student scholarships and research fellowships

Equity, diversity & inclusion groups/leaders

  • EDI taskforce/committees/councils/working groups
  • EDI office/dean
  • Research groups with a diversity focus


  • Workshops and seminars to promote inclusivity
  • Activities that structurally encourage inclusivity


  • EDI policies in general
  • Inclusive recruitment practices e.g. strategic academic appointments
  • Gender quotas
  • Athena Swan Charter – gender equity in leadership / executive positions

Real or a façade?

Many institutions have EDI policies in place, but some academics argue that these initiatives are for appearance purposes only, rather than a genuine attempt to change the status quo. Others argue that EDI approaches are themselves anti-inclusive and may in fact be damaging.

"We have DEI initiatives, but I think many of them are just for show. There’s a push, which I think will move the baseline some, but the reality is that there’s also pushback by those happy with the status quo and who are threatened by change." Woman academic in USA


"We must learn to value and incorporate the thinking of multiple cultures and intellectual perspectives. This is more than just ensuring everyone is in the room, but also ensures that their perspectives are included in discussions, decisions, and implementation of organizational performance." Man academic in USA


"A mentoring scheme which takes into account inclusivity. Various campus events to promote underrepresented staff/students. Unfortunately, these are often tokenistic and involve those who are already discriminated against (e.g. women) taking the lions share of the actual work." Man researcher in Australia

"My workplace talks a lot of the talk but does not actually walk any of the walk. They have yet to recognise their biases and their hand in systemic and overt racism and discrimination." Woman librarian in USA


All means all
"I’ve seen experienced professors let go AFTER being replaced by lesser credentialed but different skin colour and different political leaning professors – all in the name of diversity. Diversity and inclusivity includes ALL colours, cultures, and political leanings – without penalty." Demographic data not provided


"There are ‘inclusive’ practices on paper so they can say we have them, but they are not being enforced and are not a part of the organisational culture. As long as it’s not a part of the organisational culture and esprit des corps, it’s not going to work." Woman academic in Croatia


Academics think institutes should be doing more & want these EDI initiatives:

  • Inclusive recruitment
  • Equal pay
  • Equal job opportunities
  • Flexible working
  • Scholarships for diverse groups
  • EDI awareness and training
  • Diversity in conferences
  • Open dialogue
  • Funding linked to inclusion


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