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CIBER & Emerald partnership

At the heart of Emerald Publishing’s mission is disseminating impactful applied research that supports and inspires the evolving needs of our communities.

The Center for International Business and Education Research (CIBER) is well aligned to further our values of diversity and inclusion in academia.

Emerald has partnered with Georgia State University, CIBER. Our partnership includes supporting the annual International Business Pedagogy Workshops and International Business Case Competitions for the Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Consortium.


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To celebrate this special relationship, we would like to offer research content discounts for CIBER-affiliated institutions.

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Expert Briefings

Exploring the impact and implications of emerging trends and developments, Expert Briefings bring thematic teaching to life with ready-made course content.


How are Emerald teaching resources used?

Teaching with cases >

Advice from leading case writing experts and teachers on how to motivate students and make the most of experimental learning with cases.

Expert Briefings for teaching >

Expert Briefings allow you to show how the theoretical principles you teach can make sense of current global or local events, and be used to develop future strategies.

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Access free resources on our Emerald Cases Hub, including: How to prepare to teach a case study, Facilitating in the classroom, and Teaching online cases

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Emerald Publishing will be joining CIBER to co-host webinars as part of their prolific webinar series, designed to inform faculty, students, and the business community about pertinent international business topics.

Igniting change: Diverse representation global business 

Where are the women in teaching cases? Does the current cannon of business teaching cases look like researchers, students, and practitioners? Only 11% of top-used teaching cases have a female protagonist, and the percentage for women of color is even lower. Business Schools across the globe are working to achieve enrollment gender parity – what does it mean when women don’t see themselves in cases literature?

Watch our webinar with Lesley Symons, founder The Case for Women, Elissa Sangster, CEO Forte Foundation and Gabi Rundle Product Manager for Emerald Publishing’s teaching Cases for a provocative discussion.

November 11, 2021

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Global case teaching materials workshop: how to develop, write, & publish compact cases 

Three-part webinar series on 9/16, 10/7 and 10/28 – how to ensure success with international teaching cases and pedagogical resources featuring Dr Rebecca Morris, Wakefield State University.

Please join us for the first webinar on September 16 at 11:00 am EST.

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