Towards Intelligent Connected World: Exploring Ubiquitous Computing Technologies


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The concept of a connected and intelligent world has been commonly associated with cyber-physical-social systems (CPSSs) (Reine et al., 2021). As the term suggests, a CPSS comprises three layers: the cyber layer, the physical layer, and the social layer. Within the cyber layer, particular emphasis has been placed on security research, addressing the protection of critical information vulnerable to misuse by adversaries (Marican et al., 2023; Karie et al., 2021). Furthermore, the ubiquity and distributed nature of computing play a crucial role in the system, particularly considering the abundance of data, often characterized as big data. Intelligent technology has also been seamlessly integrated into distributed computing (Zhang et al., 2022). In the physical layer, sensor networks and communication technology (5G/6G) has become the main technologies behind the success of CPSS (Mukhopadhyay et al., 2021; Tariq et al., 2021). Within the social layer, the research finds focus on human-computer interaction, with particular interest directed towards incorporating intelligent algorithms into the user interface (Ai, 2022).
This special issue addresses pervasive technologies as enablers for the emerging connected intelligent environment, which will leverage technologies that interconnect various things. The concept has been coined with different terms, including Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber-Physical System (CPS), and Cyber-Physical-Social System (CPSS). To advance the connected intelligent world, it is essential to investigate relevant enablers and applications, such as sensors, pervasive computing, communication technologies, and security systems, will be investigated. 

List of topic areas

  • Cyber-physical-social systems; machine learning for cyber-physical-social system applications; computer security; intelligent assistive technology; intelligent monitoring system; intelligent sensor networks; 5G and beyond technology

Guest Editors

Filbert H. Juwono, Xi’an Jiaotong – Liverpool University, China, [email protected]
Lenin Gopal, University of Southampton Malaysia, Malaysia, [email protected]
Jimson Mathew, Indian Institute of Technology Patna, India, [email protected]
Huo-Chong Ling, RMIT University, Vietnam, [email protected]

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