Open call for papers and special issues ideas


The Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies (JCEFTS) publishes high-quality research on economic, business, and foreign trade issues relating to China, South and South-East Asian countries.

The editorial team of JCEFTS are pleased to invite submissions to the journal on any of the below topics:

  1. China’s Artificial Intelligence Innovation: The role of artificial intelligence in transforming China's manufacturing sector and its foreign trade relations.
  2. China's new Carbon Neutrality Pledge: China’s Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy and Climate Resilience.
  3. The US-China Fintech competition: Cybersecurity and data protection laws in China.
  4. The potential impact of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) on Regional integration and economic cooperation in South and Southeast Asia).
  5. Geopolitical and trade tensions and conflict dynamics in South and Southeast Asia in times of the global: how the ripple effects of Russia's war in Ukraine would change the region.
  6. Racing for the new rice: The prospects for South Asian countries’ semiconductor industrial policies in the context of global supply chain disruptions.
  7. China's Space Economy and Space technology development: How Space Space exploration is fuelling the Fifth Industrial Revolution?
  8. China’s Digital Yuan: Does China’s transition to a digital currency is threatening dollarization?
  9. The potential impact of China's digital yuan on global trade and currency markets.
  10. The Chinese Syndrome: The changing landscape of China's labor market and the new foreign investment law and their implications on the future of global trade.

These topics are indicative only and the journal welcomes any submissions which are within the aims and scope of the journal.  

JCEFTS welcomes research papers based on theoretical insights, empirical testing of ‘accepted’ theory, literature reviews, case studies and papers which present conceptually new and thoughtful arguments, whether theory or policy focused. In 2020 it launched a new and exciting initiative for practitioner-focused research by welcoming shorter, 3,000-word articles, case studies and viewpoint pieces on current economic issues and challenges relevant to China and its surrounding regions.

Please go to to submit your manuscript. Any manuscript accepted following peer review before August 1st 2023 may be included in the last issue of 2023 (Vol 16, issue 3).

There are no submission or publication fees for JCEFTS though if you choose to publish via the gold open access route, you will be asked to pay an APC (article processing charge) once your paper has been accepted.

If you are interested in overseeing a special issue in any of the above areas, or an area that is related to economic, business, and foreign trade issues relevant to China and its economic relations globally, please contact the Editor Prof Rania Miniesy [email protected]