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Nature positive civil engineering

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Sakthy Selvakumaran


Figure 4 National Trust ‘Sky Park’ at Castlefield Viaduct in Manchester (David Dixon)

Prof Anusha Shah’s Presidential Address made it clear that the climate crisis is only part of the problem: there is a nature crisis as well. The ICE President laid down a challenge to us all…. ‘Our mission is no longer to build more, but to build better and in a way where both we and nature thrive.’

The Editorial Panel of Civil Engineering is inviting new papers on nature-based solutions by highlighting projects and research which will help us address how we can all become more nature-positive in our work. 

Examples of topics of papers may include, but are not limited to:

  • nature-inspired projects beyond those simply seeking to limit environmental impact
  • projects which showcase restorative and regenerative interrelationships between infrastructure and nature
  • re-operation of existing engineered systems to enhance their contribution to ecosystem health and natural capital
  • systems thinking applied to nature-based solution planning
  • policy frameworks that place conservation and enhancement of nature and ecosystem services at the core of infrastructure service provision
  • updating engineering standard to reflect characteristics of nature-based solutions
  • integrating nature-based solutions with traditional built infrastructure
  • co-design with communities to create green inclusive spaces
  • nature-based solutions that draw upon historic or indigenous knowledge
  • innovative technologies or materials which work with or for nature

Submitted papers will be anonymously commented upon by other members of the civil engineering profession (peer review) – a process which maintains the high technical quality of the journal. Not all submitted papers are accepted. Proposals should include article title, authors and 200 words outlining the scope of the paper.

For queries or late submissions, please e-mail. You can also read our Guidelines for Authors.

You do not have to be a Member of ICE to write for Civil Engineering journal. This publication is separate to NCE Magazine.