JFBM Call for Perspective Articles


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Deadline: 30 October 2023

Authors are invited to write a perspective article on a topic related to family business. This will help to provide a summary of the current research and where research is predicted to go in the future. Thereby identifying trends and increasing knowledge about how family business is endemic in society and crucial to global economic performance. 
Articles should be 3-5 pages long (about 1500 words) and have the words “a perspective article” in the title. This will help to solidify existing research on specific areas of family business management. 


•    Heading: Topic X and family business: A perspective article
•    1 paragraph introduction
•    2-3 paragraphs past 100 years research or practice summary
•    2-3 paragraphs future 100 years suggestion
•    1 paragraph conclusion
•    Needs to include 1 figure or table (author created)
•    References- at least 3-5 from the Journal of Family Business Management as well as other sources
•    1 paragraph about the author

Potential topics (other topics also welcome)

•    Cultural entrepreneurship and family business
•    Tourism and family business
•    Financial performance and family business
•    Regional development and family business
•    Internationalisation and family business
•    Digitalization and family business
•    Artificial intelligence and family business


Buhalis, D. (2020). Technology in tourism-from information communication technologies to eTourism and smart tourism towards ambient intelligence tourism: a perspectivearticle. Tourism Review, 75(1), 267-272.  (669 citations as of 24/6/23)