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Gaseous Flow in low permeability geomaterials

Submissions open 1st February 2024

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The behaviour of gas in natural and engineered low permeability materials will strongly affect the sustainable and safe implementation of engineering activities, such as the disposal of radioactive waste, closure of solid waste landfills, rehabilitation of tailings impoundment, CO2 sequestration, and H2 storage. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding and reliable prediction of gas migration and flow in these geomaterials are required. However, gas transport in these media is a multi-component, complex, coupled problem, which is influenced by the material properties, moisture transport, gas characteristics, boundary conditions, and scale of observation, among others.

This themed issue is aimed at discussing recent advances and challenges concerning gas migration in low-permeability geomaterials. Contributions from researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and industry professionals exploring the topics in any related research area from theoretical, experimental, and/or numerical perspectives are welcome.

List of topic areas

This includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Novel experimental and field investigations in gas control and transport through low permeability geomaterials.
  • Numerical and analytical advances in modelling multiphase and multicomponent flow through low permeability media. Advances in sampling and gas migration quantification techniques.
  • Emerging contaminants (e.g., PFAS) behaviour and transport through low permeability geomaterials.
  • Advances in novel geomaterials and developments in design, construction methods, and their applications in gas barriers.
  • Stability, long-term performance, and life cycle assessment of geomaterials used as gas barriers in engineering practice.
  • Theoretical, experimental (laboratory and field), and/or numerical perspectives in contaminated site cover systems, including radioactive waste disposal, CO2 sequestration, H2 storage, or any related research area.
  • Innovative applications of AI within the context of gas migration in low permeability geomaterials.

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