Faith and Non-Faith Worldviews in Understanding Family Relationships


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The special issue emerges as an important initiative that pinpoints not only contemporary sociological discussions but also emerging social phenomena intersecting the fields of (non)religion and family studies. Rather than centring solely on a mono worldview, it innovatively incorporates perspectives from various belief systems in eastern and western worlds, with a focus on child-parent-grandparent interactions and family lives.

By exploring family practices through the lens of various sociological theories and bringing together empirical data from different family contexts, it offers a significant opportunity for fostering interbelief conversation within academic debates, creating a space where diverse perspectives on religion and non-religion intersect with family studies.

The special issue, moreover, contributes valuable insights for social policy addressing contemporary (non)believer families, their needs and problems. The focus on belief systems from intergenerational aspects, the socialisations through traditions, and the expression of faith and non-faith morality in familial diverse settings will inform a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of family dynamics. Contributions from the social policy perspective will complement the sociological perspective and explore a field of study not yet well investigated. 

The topicality of this special issue lies in its recognition of the intricate context of theist and non-theist worldviews weaving contemporary societal challenges. The acknowledgment that today's public agenda is marked by global issues such as protests and conflicts, including Qur’an burnings in Northern countries and the ongoing war in Gaza as well as increase in non-believing demographies in the Western world and the changing traditions of ceremonies, highlights the need to understand these challenges. These phenomena relationally reflect on the dynamics of families, which continue to play a significant role in contributing to, producing, and reproducing the conveyance of values in the midst of such challenges.

Whilst literature extensively addresses the intergenerational transmission of values, the topic of families, (non)religion, and their problems remains largely unexplored. Furthermore, the literature on family practices and (non)religion needs updating to reflect the current dynamics of today’s changing societies.

By addressing these aspects theoretically, empirically, and practically, the special issue not only taps into the current sociological landscape but also actively contributes to fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between belief systems, societal challenges, and family dynamics.

List of topic areas

  1. Families and relationships
  2. Faith and non-faith worldviews
  3. Intergenerational cultural and social change 
  4. Family practices
  5. Interbelief/interreligious social interaction  

Guest Editors 

Hamide Elif Üzümcü, University of Padua, Italy, [email protected]

Morena Tartari, Babeş-Bolyai University, Romania, [email protected] 

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