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Eyes from the sky on bridges: stand-off observations in rapid bridge and transport network assessments


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Bridges serve as critical infrastructure, facilitating transportation networks and fostering economic growth. In the era of increasing infrastructure vulnerability, particularly from threats associate with natural and climate disasters and human-induced stressors and threats, the need for rapid observations toward assessments, real time issuing of warnings and decisions is of paramount importance and that can save lives and reduce losses. The deployment of emerging digital technologies, remote sensing-techniques, aided by data-driven methods such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, can facilitate comprehensive monitoring of bridges, providing numerous advantages compared to existing and established inspection and monitoring methods.

This themed issue will investigate the pivotal role of stand-off observations, facilitated by airborne, spaceborne e.g., satellite technologies, in rapid bridge assessment and recovery. The Themed Issue concerns both assessment under normal operation of bridges and transport networks, preventive allocation of resources and also for rapid post-disaster corrective measures and warnings. Contributions to this issue are welcomed in the integration of remote sensing data with structural health monitoring systems and data, advanced imaging technologies, and data analytics for real-time bridge assessment and management. Automation of data processing by implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning (DL) methods will also be covered by this Themed Issue. From remote sensing techniques to advanced data analytics, contributors explore how these "Eyes from the sky" offer unparalleled insights into bridge health, structural integrity, and environmental impacts. Through interdisciplinary research and case studies, this Themed Issue will highlight the transformative potential of stand-off observations in enhancing bridge management practices, mitigating risks, and fostering the longevity of critical infrastructure networks. Both academic and practice papers, case studies and reviews are welcome to this Themed Issue.

List of topic areas

  • Remote sensing techniques for inspection and monitoring
  • Integration of scalable and disparate source open access data
  • Stand-off observations for damage characterisation, resilience and sustainability metrics
  • Open data and big data for disaster response and recovery of bridges and transport networks
  • Application of geomatics and UAVs in bridge inspection, maintenance and decision-making
  • Satellite imagery for health assessment and damage detection and characterisation
  • Data fusion of remote sensing data in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Novel image processing algorithms, AI/ML for condition assessment
  • Data-driven modelling of bridge performance under serviceability and extreme loads
  • Advances in LIDAR technology (LiDAR Point Clouds) for bridge assessment
  • 3D sensing for intelligent bridges and networks, IoT and Digital Twins in bridge assessment
  • Integration of stand-off observations with structural health monitoring systems
  • Crowdsourcing and participatory sensing (crowdsensing, crowdsourcing, crowdmapping, public participation) in assessments and decisions - Case studies on bridge safety and durability.

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