Call for Papers – Sustainability: A Journey for Better Future in Developing Countries


Call for Papers

Sustainability : A Journey for Better Future in Developing Countries


Sustainability has become a paramount concern not only for governmental bodies but also for corporations (Gillan et al., 2021). The pressing nature of this issue necessitates increased collaboration among entities, adherence to various reporting and implementation standards & regulations (Chen et al., 2018), engagement with diverse raters and auditors (Gürtürk & Hahn, 2016), and consideration of the interconnectedness between sustainability and financial matters (Buchanan et al., 2018), among other phenomena. While the sustainability studies are on the rise, it is potentially reaching an all-time high prior to this period. While this development appears promising, it is believed that the trend will continue to escalate in the coming decades, including at the intersection of sustainability, accounting, and finance topics. Various stakeholders, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to regulators, are eagerly seeking breakthroughs from research to achieve ambitious global-scale sustainability objectives, such as reaching net zero emissions and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), among others.

In the context of countries development, developing countries offer a less conducive environment for achieving sustainability across numerous domains (Carolina Rezende de Carvalho Ferreira et al., 2016). For example, the majority of globally recognized sustainable corporations, as evidenced by various awards, are predominantly from developed countries (Liang & Renneboog, 2017). Similar conditions prevail in cities within developing nations. A primary contributing factor to these outcomes is the inadequate depth of sustainability studies within developing countries. Consequently, this special issue aims to promote sustainability research from an accounting and finance perspective, with a focus on developing countries. Hence, this invitation extends to research endeavours pertaining to any sustainability issues intersecting with accounting and business processes. We welcome contributions from both governmental and corporate perspectives, with a particular focus on the context of developing countries.

We firmly believe that AJAR could also play a pivotal role in this significant movement to foster a better world for humanity, particularly through the lens of accounting and finance. In addition, we also associated with Asia Sustainability and ESG Summit 2024 which will be held on December 4-5, 2024 in Bali.


  • Quality of sustainability disclosure from various channel (e.g., report, website, media)
  • Corporates and/or governments’ sustainability performance 
  • The development of various sustainability standards and raters
  • Assurance service in sustainability context
  • Sustainable finance and sustainability-related taxonomy 
  • Connectivity between sustainability and financial reports 
  • Trends and mitigation actions for greenwashing
  • Sustainability strategies and initiatives 


Prof. Louis T.W. Cheng, The Hang Seng University of Hongkong, Hong Kong 
Prof. Hung-Gay Fung, University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA 
Dr. Jingran Zhao, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


Submissions are made using ScholarOne Manuscripts. Registration and access are available here. Author guidelines must be strictly followed. Please see here. Authors should select (from the drop-down menu) the special issue title at the appropriate step in the submission process, i.e. in response to “Please select the issue you are submitting to”. Submitted articles must not have been previously published, nor should they be under consideration for publication anywhere else, while under review for this journal.


Opening date for manuscripts submissions: 15/04/2024
Closing date for manuscripts submission: 15/10/2024
Conference date: 4/12/2024 until 5/12/2024
Email for further information: [email protected]


The 2nd Asia Sustainability and ESG Summit, scheduled for December 4-5, 2024, in Bali, Indonesia, is poised to be a pivotal event shaping the future of sustainable leadership in the region. Against the backdrop of Bali’s serene landscapes, this summit will convene global leaders, experts, and practitioners to explore emerging trends and best practices in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. With the theme of “Sustainable Future Leadership” the summit aims to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders, empowering them to navigate the complex challenges posed by climate change and social inequities. Through interactive discussions, workshops, and keynote presentations, participants will gain valuable insights into climate resilience, sustainable finance, corporate social responsibility, and other critical topics. This event serves as a platform for dialogue and knowledge exchange, offering attendees the opportunity to forge partnerships and drive meaningful change towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. We invite leaders and professionals from across Asia and beyond to join us in Bali as we collectively strive to build a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. For further information about the conference, please visit here.


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