Call for Papers: Social Transformations in Chinese Societies


The journal Social Transformations in Chinese Societies (STICS) is welcoming the submission of papers.

STICS provides a forum for research on theoretical, methodological, and substantive issues of sociological significance related to social transformations in Chinese societies across the globe.

These issues are not only relevant to Chinese societies but are also pertinent to broader theoretical reflection on micro and macro social, political, and economic change.

The journal appeals not only to sociologists but to more broadly-defined social scientists, including those interested in East Asian studies and development studies as a whole. The scope also extends to cover research on Chinese societies based on different disciplines, such as history and anthropology.

STICS is the official journal of The Hong Kong Sociological Association (HKSA).

Submission Guidelines

To submit your research, please visit the journal’s ScholarOne website. In preparing papers, authors are asked to follow the Author Guidelines.

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Author Guidelines

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact the journal’s Editor, Professor Tai-lok Lui ([email protected]) or the journal’s Publisher, Hazel Goodes ([email protected]).