Artificial Intelligence in Health Organizations: Transforming Practice and Evaluating Services


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This special issue will explore the vanguard of AI applications within healthcare settings, illuminating both the transformative potential and the practical implications for service delivery and evaluation. Reflecting the Journal of Health Organization and Management's dedication to methodologically diverse and innovative research, this Special Issue seeks to draw together empirical and theoretical work that addresses the multifaceted roles AI can play in health organizations.

The necessity for a Special Issue on AI in health organizations is underscored by a burgeoning body of literature and the rapid evolution of AI technologies. Recent studies have highlighted AI's potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery, from diagnostic accuracy to personalized treatment plans. However, there remains a critical gap in understanding how these technologies can be effectively integrated into health services and their impact on organizational practices and patient outcomes. Furthermore, the global health crises and societal shifts towards digital health solutions underscore the urgency for scholarly discourse on AI's role in healthcare. This Special Issue responds to these needs, aiming to bridge the gap in literature, address the societal implications of AI in healthcare, and contribute to shaping future health policies and practices in light of AI advancements.


List of topic areas

Topics will include the following: 

  1. AI-Enabled Precision Medicine: Highlighting AI's role in enhancing diagnostic processes, treatment personalization, and predicting patient outcomes, leading to more targeted and effective healthcare interventions.
  2. Operational Efficiency through AI: Exploring AI's impact on the operational aspects of healthcare delivery, including resource management, service scheduling, and the overall improvement of healthcare systems' efficiency.
  3. Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of AI in Healthcare: Delving into the ethical challenges, policy considerations, and social impacts of integrating AI into healthcare practices, with a focus on developing ethical frameworks and regulations.
  4. AI's Influence on Healthcare Professional Roles and Training: Examining how AI technologies are reshaping healthcare workforce dynamics, necessitating new skills and altering professional roles, and how education and training programs are adapting.
  5. Leveraging AI for Global Health Equity: Assessing AI's potential to bridge health disparities by improving access to quality care in underserved populations and its contributions towards achieving global health equity.
  6. AI in Healthcare Evaluation and Research: Investigating how AI tools and methodologies are revolutionizing the evaluative and research aspects of health organization and management, including outcomes research, service quality assessment, and the facilitation of large-scale data analysis for evidence-based practice


Guest Editor

Axel Kaehne,
Edge Hill University, UK
[email protected]


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Key Deadlines

Opening date for manuscripts submissions: 18 March 2024
Closing date for manuscripts submission: 31 July 2024