Artificial Intelligence for competency based personalised learning

Submission deadline date: 30 August 2024


The emergence of technology such as ChatGPT and generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has engendered debate in the academic and practitioner literature around the use and usefulness of modern technology in education. In a broader review of the literature a number of inter-related themes are revealed and which include: the relationship between modern technology and competency-based education; the changing needs of the learner and an emphasis on social-emotional learning (SEL); the digital skills gap and the role modern technology plays in preparing graduates for the workplace; the impact of AI as a learning companion and generator of knowledge on an increasingly receptive population; and the challenges for education providers in generating appropriate learning and assessment material in this age of intelligent learning. Collectively, pertinent questions are being raised around the viability of technology enhanced education and technology-led learning as a personalised learning companion, as a platform for student learning and well-being and alternative to traditional teaching and learning. This Special Issue aims to identify the current debates around the current and future role of ChatGPT and generative AI technology in education and welcomes empirical, theoretical, and methodological papers which contribute to these debates. Submissions from interdisciplinary and cross-nation collaborations are particularly encouraged to offer insight into the challenges and practices across a range of countries.

List of topic areas

  • The role of modern technology in enhancing competency-based education
  • The use and usefulness of ChatGPT and generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) on lifelong learning and upskilling
  • The relationship between modern technology, personalised learning, and the academic curriculum
  • Moderation technology and global collaborative learning
  • How can modern technology shape the future of education at primary, secondary and tertiary levels?

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