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Research in Biopolitics

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ISSN: 2042-9940

Editor: Dr. Albert Somit and Dr. Steven A. Peterson
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Research in Biopolitics (RB) examines the links between the life sciences and politics. It draws on a diverse range of biological areas, including: human ethology; socio-biology; ethology; genetics; evolutionary theory; neurosciences; biotechnology, and bioethics.  The series focuses on the relationship between biology and politics and builds on what is already known in the biological sciences to help provide answers to long standing questions regarding power, politics, political behaviour, and governance. The international array of papers and discussions in this series are used to illuminate and inform policy choices (biopolicy), political behaviour, leadership behaviour, international politics and political philosophy.

Research in Biopolitics has considerable potential to advance and transform the discipline of political science. As the only book series that focuses specifically on the relationship between biology and politics, the series is unique in revealing current research trends and keeping readers up-to-date on what is at the forefront of biology and politics.

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Just Published

Politics and the Life Sciences: The State of the Discipline, Volume 12
Edited by Robert H. Blank, University of Canterbury (USA), Samuel M. Hines, The Citadel - The Military Collge of South Carolina, Odelia Funke, American University, Joseph Losco, Ball State University, and Patrick Stewart, University of Arkansas

This book examines the development of biopolitics as an academic perspective within political science. It reviews the work of the leading proponents of this perspective and presents a comprehensive view of biopolitics as a framework to structure political inquiry.

Past volumes

The World of Biology and Politics: Organization and Research Areas, Volume 11

Biopolicy: The Life Sciences and Public Policy, Volume 10

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Series Editor
Dr Albert Somit
Southern Illinois University
[email protected]

Series Editor
Dr Steven A. Peterson
Pennsylvania State University
[email protected]

Kim Chadwick
[email protected]

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Bradley Thayer, Utah State University, Rebecca Harris, Washington and Lee University, Patrick Stewart, University of Arkansas, Levante Littvay, Central European University, Tatu Vanhanen, University of Helsinki, Joseph Losco, Ball State University, David Goetze, Utah State University, Amy Fletcher, University of Canterbury, Frank Salter, Social Technologies Pty Ltd, Dov Ronen, Harvard University Medical School, Peter Corning, Institute for the Study of Complex Systems

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