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Emerald Social Sciences eBook Series Collection

Emerald Social Sciences eBook Series Collection titles
ISSNBook series titles
1479-3709 Advances in Bioethics
2051-2295 Advances in Digital Education and Lifelong Learning
0270-4021 Advances in Early Education and Day Care
2041-806X Advances in Ecopolitics
1479-358X Advances in Education in Diverse Communities: Research Policy and Praxis
1479-3660 Advances in Educational Administration
1529-2126 Advances in Gender Research
0735-004X Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities
1057-6290 Advances in Medical Sociology
0749-7423 Advances in Motivation and Achievement
1474-7863 Advances in Program Evaluation
2051-2317 Advances in Race and Ethnicity in Education
1479-3687 Advances in Research on Teaching
0270-4013 Advances in Special Education
2051-5030 Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice
0195-6310 Comparative Social Research
1530-3535 Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research
2045-7944 Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management
0278-1204 Current Perspectives in Social Theory
2044-9968 Cutting-Edge Technologies in Higher Education
1479-3644 Diversity in Higher Education
1479-3679 International Perspectives on Education and Society
1479-3628 International Perspectives on Higher Education Research
1479-3636 International Perspectives on Inclusive Education
2048-0458 Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation
0198-8719 Political Power and Social Theory
0363-0951 Progress in Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology
2042-9940 Research in Biopolitics
0192-0812 Research in Community and Mental Health
0895-9935 Research in Political Sociology
0195-7449 Research in Race and Ethnic Relations
1057-1922 Research in Rural Sociology and Development
0163-786X Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change
0196-1152 Research in Social Problems and Public Policy
1479-3547 Research in Social Science and Disability
1479-3539 Research in the Sociology of Education
0275-4959 Research in the Sociology of Health Care
1476-2854 Research in the Sociology of Sport
0277-2833 Research in the Sociology of Work
1479-3520 Research in Urban Policy
1047-0042 Research in Urban Sociology
1537-4661 Sociological Studies of Children and Youth
1521-6136 Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance
1529-210X Studies in Educational Ethnography
1059-4337 Studies in Law, Politics, and Society
2050-2060 Studies in Media and Communications
2051-6630 Studies in Public and Non-Profit Governance
1042-3192 Studies in Qualitative Methodology
0163-2396 Studies in Symbolic Interaction