New publishing fund to help researchers rapidly share their findings related to COVID-19

22nd May 2020

Calling all social scientists! We’re funding the article processing charges (APCs) on research related to the societal impact of coronavirus.

We have launched a publishing fund of £20,000 to cover the APCs for research published on Emerald Open Research.

As the coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak continues to spread, we want to help you disseminate timely and relevant findings that will benefit all of society. As well as the need for medical and hard sciences, social sciences research is vital to the prevention, management and understanding of the wider societal impact of COVID 19.

Research themes

We are calling all social scientists working in the following interdisciplinary research areas to get in touch as quickly as possible so we can help share your research findings:

  • Workplace management and planning
  • HR practices and employment procedures
  • Government policies and procedures
  • New technologies and innovations
  • Health care systems, services and funding
  • Mental health and wellbeing implications
  • Education and learning accessibility
  • Responsible leadership and management
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Economic implications and planning procedures
  • Supply chain management

What is required?

  • Your research should be related to the prevention, management and impact of a public healthcare outbreak. Please see the research themes for guidance on areas for publication.
  • All submitted research must meet our editorial policies and author guidelines.
  • The platform supports an open data policy. All articles should include the submission of data underlying the results. More details on the open data policy can be found on the website. 
  • All content will be openly peer reviewed post publication.

About Emerald Open Research

Emerald Open Research is an open access publishing platform that allows research aligned to the UN Sustainable Development goals to reach a global audience without delay. The platform publishes a range of research outputs, from original research articles to case studies and data notes. 

All published research will have an open peer review, an open data policy and be freely available to read, download and reuse. Emerald Open Research benefits researchers, policy makers and most importantly society. By speeding up the availability and dissemination of research, the platform enables others to build upon new ideas right away, wherever and whoever they are.

The platform has six gateways all of which are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals: