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Exoskeletons: Comprehensive, comparative and critical analyses of their potential to improve manufacturing performance

The purpose of this open access paper is to explain how exoskeletons can be used to improve performance across five phases of manufacturing.

System identification of flybar-less rotorcraft UAV

Aims to build an accurate mathematical model which is necessary for control design and attitude estimation of a miniature unmanned rotorcraft and its subsequent conversion to an autonomous vehicle.

Analysis of manual data collection in maintenance context

Aims to identify details of technological, organizational and people (TOP) factors affecting maintenance technicians’ use of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) in manual collection of asset data.

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Marginalized engineering students' narrative construction through photo elicitation

Explores an immediate step in understanding the lived experiences of under-represented students through metaphor construction and possibly collect more in-depth data through photograph-based interviews.

Strategic sourcing model for green supply chain management: an insight into automobile manufacturing units in India

Aims to develop a strategic sourcing framework in which supplier organizations are prioritized and ranked based on their GSCM performance.

Investigating and modeling interactions among manufacturing barriers due to Covid-19 pandemic: an interpretive ranking process

This open access article aims to discuss and analyze the barriers that have impacted manufacturing systems during the Covid-19 pandemic.…

Associated tolerance optimization approach using manufacturing difficulty coefficients and genetic algorithm

Aims to establish a tolerance optimization method based on manufacturing difficulty computation using the genetic algorithm (GA) method.

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Key journals within this topic

We have a broad range of journals containing content relevant to the topic of engineering. Here are some of our key journals in this area. 

Journal cover

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

A key publication on the latest developments and research into the materials, techniques and technology relating to the aircraft and aerospace industry.

Journal cover

Engineering Computations

Engineering Computations provides a platform for research and discussion across the range of disciplines involved in computer-aided engineering and software.

Journal cover

Industrial Robot

Industrial Robot publishes high quality research on the latest developments relating to the use of robot technology, both in the present and future.

Journal cover

Rapid Prototyping Journal

Rapid Prototyping Journal is the world's leading journal covering additive manufacturing and related technologies.

Journal cover

Sensor Review

Sensor Review is internationally regarded as the authoritative voice on all areas of sensor development, providing reviews, research and analysis of an exciting and increasingly influential field.

A sample of books in this topic

Below is a selection of recent books from our broad range of content in the area of engineering, technology and manufacturing.  

Understanding 5G mobile networks

Understanding 5G Mobile Networks

Offers the first manageable overview of 5G for a non-technical audience, and specifically a broad, multidisciplinary survey of the spectrum and the licensing and launch of 5G networks throughout the world, distinguishing standalone 5G from non-standalone 5G.

AI and Global Security

Artificial Intelligence and Global Security

Brings a much-needed perspective on the impact of the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in military affairs. Experts forecast that AI will shape future military operations in ways that will revolutionize warfare.

Drones and the law

Drones and the Law

Presents innovative solutions to the controversial issues raised by the drones and a critical assessment of its growing use as a weapon system in modern warfare and privacy issues.

Shaping Smart Mobility Futures

Shaping Smart Mobility Futures

Bringing together scholars from multiple fields, and using the results from a number of research projects, this book takes the discussion one step further by exploring the policy instruments available and needed for the governance of smart mobility.

Prioritization of Failure Modes in Manufacturing Processes

Prioritization of Failure Modes in Manufacturing Processes

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) are used to assess, investigate and predict the Risk Priority Number (RPN) of potential failures within the manufacturing industry. The authors use fuzzy logic as a tool to overcome the vagueness associated with traditional methods of assessing potential failures.

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