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Crisis communication in public emergencies: multistakeholders' perspectives

Aims to provide empirical evidence for effective crisis communication in public emergencies including the relevance of planning and training and rehearsal; to explore the role of different stakeholders and how social media influence effective crisis communication.


Job characteristics, employee well-being, and job performance of public sector employees in Malaysia

Examines the structural relationships between the job itself, employee well-being and job performance in light of the new administrative reform called the Government Transformation Program in Malaysia that stresses on measurable performance outputs.


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Research on the influencing factors of the citizen adoption process of China's national integrated online government service platform

Investigates the influencing factors of citizen adoption of National Integrated Online Government Service Platform (NIOGSP) in China.


User profiling and role evaluation of government microbloggers in the context of public emergencies

Aims to profile the government microbloggers and evaluate their roles. The results can help improve the governments' response capability to public emergencies.


Issues of e-government services quality in the digital-by-default era – the case of the national e-procurement platform in Czechia

Aims to focus on public administration employees’ perceptions of the quality of národní elektronický nástroj (NEN) – the Czech national e-procurement tool they are required to use.


Impact of government responses to COVID-19 on the resilience of FDI attractiveness factors in the Asian region

Aims to determine the separate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and government actions represented by the index of stringency, containment and economic support on the attractiveness of foreign direct investment (FDI). 


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Key journals within this topic

We have a broad range of journals containing content in the area of politics and international relations. Here are some of our key journals in this area. 

International Journal of Public Leadership

International Journal of Public Leadership

Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and insights on all aspects of leadership in the public sphere, including government, politics and civil society.

Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy

Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy

An international peer-reviewed journal that publishes inter- and multi-disciplinary, agile, concept- and practice-driven research on the broadly defined subject of transforming government through its people, processes and policy.

International Journal of Public Sector Management

International Journal of Public Sector Management

A valuable resource for both academics and public managers, IJPSM publishes research on all aspects of public organizations, including management, governance and reform.

A sample of the books in this topic

Below is a selection of books from our broad range of content in the area of politics and international relations.

Politics and Technology in the Post-Truth Era

Politics and Technology in the Post-Truth Era

This book examines the relationship between information and communication technology (ICT) and politics in a global perspective.

Transformation of Korean Politics and Administration

Transformation of Korean Politics and Administration

Retraces critical turning points in Korean history as seen from the historical path dependence theory to help explain the significant changes that have occurred in the major pillars of the Korean politics and administration.

Middle-Power Responses to China’s BRI and America’s Indo-Pacific Strategy

Middle-Power Responses to China’s BRI and America’s Indo-Pacific Strategy

Explores the impact of design thinking when applied to organisational systems and structures to improve patient care. 

Building the Good Society

Building the Good Society

In six interconnected essays, leading political economist Lloyd J. Dumas presents a pragmatic alternative view of a society that is capable of maximizing individual freedoms and producing sustained prosperity while preserving socially responsible behavior.

Radical Proceduralism

Radical Proceduralism

Bridges the gap between political philosophy and practical institutional experimentation asking us to bring citizens back in and to engage them in a dialogue about ‘the rules of the democratic game’ and proposing institutional devices that figure as ‘conversation starters’ and facilitate such dialogues.

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