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Here are the latest calls for papers and special issues from our extensive journal and case study range.


Fostering Sustainability in Small Island Developing States: Cases from the Dominican Republic

Emerging Markets Case Studies
This special issue invites cases substantially located in the Dominican Republic which showcase shared value creation initiatives or sustainability-oriented perspectives. Cases in which businesses or...
Guest editor(s)
José Ramón Pin, Univesidad del Atlántico Medio, Spain, Jose Alcaraz, ESDES Lyon Business School, France, Fernando Barrero, Barna Management School, Dominican Republic,

Health and well-being in construction

Construction Innovation
The special issue aims to draw attention to health and well-being issues that construction workers and professionals face due to working in an unpredictable, physically demanding and stressful work...
Guest editor(s)
Abid Hasan, Riza Yosia Sunindijo, Babak Memarian, Sheila Belayutham,

The Role of Forensic Accounting in Businesses Development: Alleviating the Fraud Risk and the Litigation Risk

Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting
In recent decades, business development has been restricted to global financial, geopolitical and natural changes and crises.
Guest editor(s)
Hashem Alshurafat, Allam Hamdan, Mohammed Alzahrane, Mohannad Al Shbail,

Reshaping the World through Customer and Actor Engagement

Journal of Service Theory and Practice
The overarching aim of this special issue is to explore initiatives that can contribute to the sustainability agenda using the lens of engagement.
Guest editor(s)
Jodie Conduit, Matthew Alexander, Jaylan Azer,

Participatory Approaches in Ageing Research: Studying Health and Care with Older Adults

Quality in Ageing and Older Adults
In this special issue we want to further advance discussion on participatory approaches in ageing research focussing on health and social care.
Guest editor(s)
Anna Urbaniak, Anna Wanka,

Recent Trends in Semantic Web and Knowledge Graphs

The Electronic Library
This special issue will explore current research on Semantic Web and Knowledge Graphs (KG).
Guest editor(s)
Dr. Sanju Tiwari, Miguel Angel Sicilia, Fernando Ortiz-Rodriguez,

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