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Here are the latest calls for papers and special issues from our extensive journal and case study range.


Resilience and Sustainable Design Based Methods for Structures and Infrastructure under Extreme Loadings

International Journal of Structural Integrity
This special issue addresses novel design methodologies and their applications for sustainable and resilient community system against extreme natural disasters that can achieve the sustainable...
Guest editor(s)
Dr. Moustafa Moufid Kassem, Assoc. Prof. Fadzli Mohamed Nazri,

Future of Management Education for Sustainable Economies

Journal of Indian Business Research
The issue aims at acknowledging the changing face of a management education in a sustainable world which assumes huge relevance in the Post-Covid era.
Guest editor(s)
Prof. Usha Lenka, Prof. Amit Upadhyay, Prof. Kalpak Kulkarni, Prof. Sourabh Arora,

Craft beers: Consumer Perception, Motivation and Demand in a Fast-Rising Market

International Journal of Wine Business Research
Publications focused on craft beers skyrocketed from 2015 onwards. Furthermore, these manuscripts are disseminated across many journals and books, but none of them seems to assume clear leadership...
Guest editor(s)
Sergio Rivaroli, Jörg Lindenmeier,

Applications of Blockchain Technology for Performance and Reliability of Business Operations

International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management
This special issue will try to explore various applications of Blockchain Technology in different industries in order to improve the performance and reliability of various business operations.
Guest editor(s)
Dr Pooja Kansra, Dr Nripendra Singh, Dr Rajesh Verma, Dr S. L. Gupta, Dr Vikram Bali,

Cybersecurity in the Higher Education Sector: Challenges, Solutions and Best Practices

Organizational Cybersecurity Journal: Practice, Process and People
Cybercriminals have identified universities as soft targets, with cyberattacks against the university sector on the rise over the past few years. The issues of cybersecurity are no longer confined...
Guest editor(s)
Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Hiroki Takakura, Richard Lee, Kyung-Tae Lee,

International Marketing Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Ecosystems

International Marketing Review
This special issue seeks to push the boundaries of international marketing research by publishing original work on digital platforms, such as social media platforms (e.g., social networks, content...
Guest editor(s)
Timo Mandler, Jun Luo, Natalia Yannopoulou, Jochen Wirtz,

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