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Integrated reporting in a changing world

Accounting Research Journal
There is increasing evidence of global warming and climate change. The recently concluded COP26 Summit left a grim reminder that the next decade would be most crucial in our ability to keep the global...
Guest editors

Professor Steven Cahan


Better than Us? Workers, Robots, and the HMR of the Future

Journal of Organizational Change Management
How will have to be managed the relationships and co-existence between Human Resources (HR) and robots within companies in ethical and profitable ways? How do workers will perceive robots?
Guest editors

Francesco Schiavone

Yichuan Wang

Ginevra Gravili

Patricia Baudier


Ethical Consumption and Climate Change in Hospitality and Tourism: Challenges, Solutions, and Prospects

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
This special issue aims to improve our readership’s understanding of climate change and sustainable consumption as well as developing innovative solutions to stimulate attitudinal and behavioral...
Guest editors

Professor Babak Taheri

Professor Hossein Olya

Professor Wided Batat


Sustainable Management of Heritage Buildings in long-term perspective

International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation
This special issue aims to highlight what knowledge can help in designing and implementing a successful management of a building on a long-term perspective.
Guest editors

Chiara Bertolin

Prof. Filippo Berto


Years of Design Creativity Research: What is Industry Aware of?

Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology
The aim of this special issue is to retrieve a set of high quality scientific contributions discussing and/or showing if and to what extent, decades of research efforts in Design Creativity affected...
Guest editors

Lorenzo Fiorineschi

Federico Rotini

Yuri Borgianni

Lorenzo Maccioni


Building Pathology: The past, new approaches and opportunities

International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation
This special issue aims to benchmark and systemize all procedures linked with building pathology and use advanced tools, knowledge and technologies to improve today’s practice, by reaching out to...
Guest editors

Inês Flores-Colen

Jorge de Brito

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