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The dark side of CSR: Causes, constraints and consequences of (un)delivering the promise

European Business Review
This Special Issue seeks insights into the reasons of the increase in corporate social irresponsibility and the actions needed for precluding it and encouraging more socially responsible practices by...
Guest editor(s)
Edita Petrylaite, Rūta Kazlauskaitė, Lorraine Johnston,

Marketing History in Spain

Journal of Historical Research in Marketing
This special issue provides researchers an opportunity to present historical research on all areas of marketing with a specific focus on Spain
Guest editor(s)
Maria Elena Aramendia-Muneta, Felipe Ruiz-Moreno, María Pilar Martínez-Ruiz,

Contemporary Accounting and Auditing Issues

Asian Review of Accounting
It will provide an opportunity to enhance the understanding of current accounting and auditing issues in different economies.
Guest editor(s)
Liang Tan, Liu Yang,

Platform-enabled supply chain and logistics excellence

International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management
This special issue aims to explore the strategies, decisions, operations, and governance that companies have adopted either through leveraging capabilities of digital platforms implemented within the...
Guest editor(s)
Hing Kai Chan, Yang Cheng, Yongjiang Shi, Jie Sheng,

Sustainability, innovation, value creation, and decision making

Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal
The exceptional levels of technological evolution and the increasing need for global competitiveness in several sectors have fostered the development of interorganizational collaborative arrangements...
Guest editor(s)
Luis F. Martinez, Ana Isabel Canhoto,

Recent trends and advances of information application use in retail, distribution and e-commerce: marketing and management opportunities, challenges and solutions

International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management
This special issue will concentrate on all aspects and future research directions related to the specific area of retail, distribution, and e-commerce. This includes but not limited to, customer...
Guest editor(s)
Mohammad Shabaz,

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