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Paradigms shift of business and management towards a metaverse based (3DWeb) economic model

Management Decision
Metaverse technology is a huge risk for organizations but becoming involved and a contender for management is a huge opportunity.
Guest editor(s)
Manlio Del Giudice, Theo Tzanidis, Veronica Scuotto, K. Mathiyazhagan, [email protected], Abhishek Behl, Justin Zhang,

Resourcing and Realigning human resources in the light of Sustainable Development Goals

International Journal of Manpower
While technology transformations are often given importance and priority, it is also important to assess and improve the role of each stakeholder in making each of the 17 SDG better aligned with the...
Guest editor(s)
Abhishek Behl, Surajit Bag, Prashant Salwan, Charbel Jose Chiappetta Jabbour,

When intercultural communication meets translation studies: divergent experiences in qualitative enquiries

Qualitative Research Journal
This special issue considers the divergent experiences of qualitative inquiry and methodological issues in translation studies and intercultural communication, with the shared communicative...
Guest editor(s)
Narongdej Phanthaphoommee, Nuntiya Doungphummes,

New frontiers in information security management

Information and Computer Security
Today’s world is changing faster than ever and many aspects are driven by digital transformation. Technical and societal change rates are high – artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, automated...
Guest editor(s)
Fredrik Karlsson, Shang Gao,

Special Issue on Limits and Foundations for Sustainability Accounting and Multi-Capital Accounting

Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal
Accounting for sustainability is a fast evolving landscape. It has moved in multiple directions and over many dimensions. A first dimension is a shift from measuring flows and assessing their impact...
Guest editor(s)
Delphine Gibassier, Nicolas Antheaume, Souâd Taïbi, Eugénie Faure, Yasmine Chahed,

Qualitative research in accounting: Navigating dichotomies through alternative knowledge

Academia Revista Latinoamericana de Administración
There is a limited dialogue between the community of accounting researchers in the Global North and South. This SI showcases the existing dialogue and fruitful areas of research where collaboration...
Guest editor(s)
Olatunde Julius Otusanya, Marcela Porporato, Fernanda Sauerbronn, Daniela Senkl,

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