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Case study: Help your students contextualise business implications of current events

25th January 2023

Author: Dr Andrée Marie López-Fernández, business professor and researcher at the Universidad Panamericana. 

I used Expert Briefings for my classes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as for my research, particularly as sources to justify research propositions.

There are various advantages to using the briefings; they are a great source of data and information covering a variety of topics, and the content is well analyzed and succinctly presented.

Using Expert Briefings to increase student engagement

I employed Expert Briefings to help my students contextualise business implications of current events. We discussed and analysed the briefings in relation to the topics being covered in the corresponding sessions.

In a flipped classroom, my students discussed theory at micro and macro levels and debated the effects on business dynamics, enriched by the information, data, and analysis included in Expert Briefings.

Using Expert Briefings with teaching case studies

I also used Expert Briefings as additional reading material to guide my students to solve a teaching case study’s dilemma. Further, my students used Expert Briefings to do research for their projects as well as theses.

An engaging and trustworthy primary source

In general, my students found Expert Briefings very useful, interesting, and engaging; importantly, they view them as a trustworthy primary source of information they may use academically and professionally.

Moreover, the youngest generation, i.e. Gen Z, found them to be an engaging and reliable source of news.

I would, therefore, certainly recommend using Expert Briefings in class for both undergraduate and postgraduate sessions.

About the author

Dr Andrée Marie López-Fernández is a business professor and researcher at the Universidad Panamericana. Her research areas of interest include corporate social responsibility, marketing strategy, leadership, and consumer behavior, among others.

She holds a Doctoral Degree in Administrative Sciences from the EGADE Business School, is an Associate Editor for EEMCS, and has been conferred as a member of the Mexican National System of Researchers by CONACYT.

She has taught courses in Business Management, Business Strategy, Business Ethics, Market Intelligence, Sustainability, and taught Research Workshops, among others.

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