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16th January 2020

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We’re looking to build on the amount of meaningful research we publish in the field of artificial intelligence and would love to hear more about your current research in the area.

We have a number of routes to publication: journals, books, cases and our open access programme.

A timeline of artificial intelligence

Watch our video showing a brief history of artificial intelligence. We begin with the Turing Test in 1950, spanning the discipline's progress through the decades, through to the publication of Autonomous Driving in 2018. Where will the story take us next?

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Our authors share their experience in the field in our blog. 

When artificial intelligence isn't enough

As artificial intelligence technology enters the mainstream, it is encountering both unintended consequences as well as limitations. Author Lorien Pratt discusses decision intelligence, a new technology and discipline that takes AI to the next level.

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Why artificial intelligence?

John N. Moye argues that AI is a product of the analysis, modelling, and sensemaking of organisational data into an interconnected and aligned intelligence. It is produced by the systematic measurement, aggregation, and modeling of authentic, valid, and reliable organisational "performance" data. Read more in his blog. 

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Publish your work on our open research platform, Emerald Open Research. Our Digital World gateway identifies and solves real-world issues and contributes to developments at a social, political and economic level. 

We encourage original research articles, software tool articles, data notes and research notes in the field of artificial intelligence. Visit our gateway to find out more. 

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Recent books in the field of artificial intelligence

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How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World

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A Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Approach to Institutional Effectiveness in Higher Education

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Leading and Managing Change in the Age of Disruption and Artificial Intelligence

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