Emerald’s evolving content strategy

12th January 2021

Our authors and editorial partners are at the heart of our research at Emerald, and during this difficult time, with the challenge of COVID-19, we wish all our communities and their loved ones all the best. The answers to this crisis will come from the incredible power, dedication and resilience of the research and public health community. We’re here to support you at this difficult time.

As signatories of DORA, we believe passionately in publishing research that makes a difference in the real world. Our mission is to advance research and practice, and to help achieve this, we’d like to tell you about our evolving publishing strategy.

We’ve put together a short video to celebrate the work we’re doing at Emerald and showcase our commitment to achieving real-world impact through the research that we publish. Emerald is here to serve, support and champion our authors and editorial teams, please get in touch and let us know how we can support you at this time.

Emerald’s evolving content strategy

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Interview with Dr Amy Benstead

Dr Amy Benstead, Lecturer in Fashion Management at the University of Manchester talks to us about her action-research project, helping companies respond to modern slavery legislation. Dr Benstead talks through the challenges and benefits that co-creation can bring, and tells us why co-created research is so important for impact.

Interview with Tim Cole

Tim Cole, Director of the Brigstow Institute, shares his story of how the Institute is driving change through co-production and working closely with end users to make a drive impact throughout the whole research cycle.

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