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Emerald Publishing improves remote access through SeamlessAccess integration on Insight platform

14th September 2021

Emerald’s progressive digital research platform, Emerald Insight, now enables researchers to seamlessly access research from wherever they are and from whatever device.

The SeamlessAccess service, enabled through an integration with LibLynx’s identity & access solution, automatically recognises if a researcher has previously logged into Emerald Insight using Shibboleth or OpenAthens and remembers their institution as their first option so that they do not need to manually search for their institution on each user experience. This secure single sign-on process is quicker and easier.

The SeamlessAccess services works across all participating publisher platforms. This means that a researcher switching across different publisher platforms that use SeamlessAccess will automatically be recognised as a member of their institution. From an author’s perspective, this also helps make their research easier and quicker for others to access.

Harriet Bell, Marketing Director at Emerald Publishing, commented: 'With the need to be able to easily work remotely more important than ever, this integration of SeamlessAccess on Emerald Insight gives our researchers an easier and more efficient way of securely accessing the content they need.

'Our goal as a publisher is to create the right conditions for social sciences research to reach new audiences, mobilise knowledge and have impact. By joining other publishers in integrating this technology, we are able to simplify the user experience for researchers and give them more time to focus on creating research that can make a difference.'

Emerald Publishing's access experiences are powered by identity and access management specialist, LibLynx. In addition to the integration of the SeamlessAccess solution, Emerald Insight users also benefit from a simplified access experience that is embedded within their content workflow.

Hylke Koers, Program Director for SeamlessAccess added: 'We are delighted that Emerald has integrated the SeamlessAccess service on its Insight platform, helping researchers enjoy easy and safe access to content from any location. SeamlessAccess remembers the user’s institutional choice across different publishers’ websites, which means that publishers who join SeamlessAccess – in addition to receiving direct benefits - also contribute to a broader network effect that improves access experiences for researchers across the scholarly web.'

Tim Lloyd, CEO at LibLynx, said: 'This was a great opportunity to develop an industry-leading access experience in partnership with an innovative publisher like Emerald, and deliver major reductions in access friction for Emerald users.'

About Emerald

Emerald Publishing provides a range of publishing services to help researchers tell their story in a meaningful and timely way, providing innovative tools and services to build confidence and capability in impactful research. As a proud signatory of DORA, Emerald is committed to establishing new pathways to impact, making research more accessible, and helping communities make decisions that change their world for the better. For over 50 years Emerald’s core purpose has been to champion fresh thinkers and help them make a difference so that little by little those in academia or in practice can unite to bring positive change in the real world. Emerald Publishing is delighted to be named Independent Publisher of the Year and Academic and Professional Publisher of the Year in the Independent Publishers Guild 2020 Independent Publishing Awards.

Notes on Emerald Publishing & usage during COVID-19

At present we are living in a difficult and uncertain time around the world, as we face the fight against COVID-19. Now, more than ever, people need quick and easy online access to the information we publish on Emerald Insight and the opportunities to share their research, so we are keen to ensure that all of our users have access to research, even if institutions are closed. To help with any issues, and keep people up to date with new information we launched our Customer Support Portal.

We have made research on COVID-19, the management of epidemics and pandemics, and supply chain management free for anyone to access and have also made this available with full text and data mining rights to PubMed Central and the World Health Organisation repository. We will continue to make relevant research freely available on this site.

About SeamlessAccess

SeamlessAccess is a service designed to help foster a more streamlined online access experience when using scholarly collaboration tools, information resources, and shared research infrastructure. The service promotes digital authentication leveraging an existing single-sign-on infrastructure through users’ home institutions, while maintaining an environment that protects personal data and privacy.

Governance of this service is through the Coalition for Seamless Access, a collaboration between four organisations: GÉANT, Internet2, the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), and the International Association of STM Publishers (STM). Each organisation participating on the governance committee offers either financial or in-kind support for the operation of the service.

About LibLynx

LibLynx provides flexible Identity, Access Management, and Analytics solutions to online resource providers and libraries. We make identity and access as simple as possible and as secure as necessary and deliver insightful analytics that are on-demand and in real time. We mitigate the risks of fraud and managing personal data. Our cloud native applications are technology and platform independent, with an architecture designed to simplify integration and facilitate customisation.


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