Vilakshan – XIMB Journal of Management Subscription Information

VILAKSHAN - XIMB Journal of Management

Vilakshan – XIMB Journal of Management


(This form may be photocopied)


1.   Subscription Rate


Vilakshan – XIMB Journal of Management is published twice a year in English. Subscription rate is Indian Rs. 3500/- + 18% GST (Total Rs. 4130/-) per annum (including postage and handling).


2.   Subscription orders should be addressed to: 

Prof. Sarat Kumar Jena

Editor, Vilakshan

Xavier Institute of Management

XIM University, Xavier Square

Bhubaneswar-751 013, Odisha (INDIA)


3.   Subscription order and payment

Subscription order should be accompanied by banker’s cheque or draft payable at Bhubaneswar and drawn in favour of – XIM University


4.   Despatch and delivery: The journals are dispatched through courier and delivered on acknowledgment.


Subscription Order


  • Please enter my subscription to Vilakshan – XIMB Journal of Management.
  • Details of Banker’s Cheque/Draft are as follows:
  • Banker’s Cheque/draft               Amount       Date of Issue        Issuing Bank & Branch

                   No: __________              _________     _________         ____________ 

  • Issues to be covered by this subscription (Month & Year): __________ to ___________


5.   Subscriber’s details

  • Subscriber’s Name: 
  • Designation:  
  • Organization: 
  • Mailing Address:     
  • Phone (with STD code): 
  • Email
  • Mobile number of Contact person: 


Place:                                                                                                 Signature of the subscriber
Date:                                                                                                   with seal


* The Bankers’ cheque or draft should be attached