Become a reviewer for Studies in Economics and Finance

Studies in Economics and Finance

Studies in Economics and Finance (SEF) is recruiting new reviewers to carry out double-blind peer review for the Journal

Covering both finance and the intersection between finance, financial markets and economics, SEF is a premier outlet for high-quality empirical and theoretical research.

Edited by Professor Niklas F Wagner, Professor of Finance at the University of Passau, Germany, this influential journal is listed in several indices and offers value to students, researchers, and policy makers around the globe.

The journal is committed to the dissemination of research findings to a wide audience and offers a unique opportunity for researchers to keep abreast of recent developments in the area.

SEF publishes a wide variety of articles, including review and research survey articles on a specific topic, empirical and theoretical research, and other conceptual articles within the following topic areas:


  • Asset management
  • Derivatives and financial management  
  • Risk management  
  • Investments and alternative investments  
  • Long term financing  
  • Small and medium sized enterprises  
  • Entrepreneurial finance  
  • Venture capital and private equity.

Financial Markets:

  • Asset pricing  
  • Equity, fixed income and credit markets, traded commodities  
  • Financial products and services  
  • Financial market efficiency and behavioral inefficiencies  
  • Capital market structure and information processing  
  • Financial risk and stability  
  • Financial econometrics.


  • Financial markets and economic growth  
  • Technology, innovation and growth  
  • International finance and foreign exchange markets  
  • Financial markets and monetary economics  
  • Applied econometrics.

All submitted papers are double-blind peer-reviewed to ensure academic rigour and integrity. For more information on Emerald’s peer review process, visit

Why review for SEF?

  • Reviewing offers an ideal opportunity to exercise your critical thinking skills in a private arena.
  • Reviewing for an Emerald journal entitles you to free personal access to up 40 Emerald journal articles (excluding backfiles) for three months following the submission of your review.
  • You are establishing yourself as an expert in your field of research by acting on a board of reviewers.
  • You can interact with the cutting-edge research in your area, before it has even been published. This is a great opportunity to contribute and shape the fields of economics and finance.
  • The high quality of your appraisal will set standards for future reviewers.
  • You could be recognised for your efforts in our annual Literati Awards.
  • Editors are always keen to hear from researchers ready to take the next step in their publishing career. If you think reviewing might be the right move for you, please click on this link for some helpful tips.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for SEF, please contact the Editor, Professor Niklas F Wagner ([email protected]), providing information about your research interests and specialisms.