QROM presents another group of freely available published papers, covering the topics of gender and diversity in qualitative research. You can access the below papers for free until the end of November 2023. We encourage all authors in this field to submit their research to QROM.

Re‐inventing or recycling? Examples of feminist qualitative research informing the management field by Brigid Limerick and Jane O’Leary
The “I”, the “me” and the “you know”: identifying identities in organisations by Nancy Harding
Career stories of women professional accountants: Examining the personal narratives of career using Simone de Beauvoir's feminist existentialist philosophy as a theoretical framework by Peggy Wallace
The diary project: revealing the gendered organisation by Penelope J Plowman
The gendering of organizational research methods: Evidence of gender patterns in qualitative research by Donde Ashmos Plowman and Anne D Smith
Managing stress: A matter of proactivity or trust? A thematic study of female- and male-dominated Swedish work settings by Elin Thunman
The mutual constitution of legal environments and practices: A case of assisted reproductive technology by Alexander Styhre and Rebecka Arman
Madness in their methods: gender blindness as discursive effect by Albert J Mills
From bread-maker to bomb-builder: (Re)constructing gender identity in the Canadian television series Bomb Girls by Tracy Moniz
Gender, race and power: an intersectional reading of “opting out” by Georgianna Meléndez and Banu Özkazanç-Pan