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Quality assurance in an era of sudden on-line education

Call for papers for: Quality Assurance in Education

Call for Papers

Quality assurance in an era of sudden on-line education

A special issue of

Quality Assurance in Education

Guest Editors:

Dr Jeffrey W Alstete, Iona College, USA

Dr Heidi Flavian, Achva Academic College, Isreal

Dr Krassie Petrova, Auckland University of Technology

The special issue of Quality Assurance in Education will focus on issues surrounding original and informed procedures of teaching and promoting quality assurance of education in online learning both in response to the sudden shift to online learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and as a follow-up to the previous Special Issue published in 2009, “Assuring Quality in eLearning” (Srikanthan and Inglis.)

We request authors to contemplate the matters identified by this pandemic in a wide context and are open to ideas about distance learning generally, the sudden shift to online delivery, as well as hybrid partial-online education which technically may be a classification category for which many courses and programs experienced during the pandemic. The subject topics may include but are not limited to the following:

•    The learning experience of students who had their education changed from on-ground to online delivery

•    How faculty in primary, secondary, and higher education adjusted their teaching methods and learning assessment in the COVID-19 online changeover

•    Challenges faced and policy decisions enacted by school and college administrators to support learning assurance quality

•    Financial challenges, cutbacks, and closures due to COVID-19 and other factors

•    Government support and guidance or lack thereof in a sudden online education transition 

•    Handling the adverse effects on students and faculty of an emergency health situation from educational quality perspective

•    The long-term impact of the sudden shift to distance learning on returning to on-ground teaching: technology, teaching, assurance of learning

•    Synchronous versus asynchronous online distance learning 

•    Special education and differentiated instruction in online remote instruction

•    Changes in learning materials, teacher expectations, and student deliverables

•    Effective use of learning management systems to assure educational quality 

•    The role of teachers while basing teaching only on online and distance interactions

Deadline and Submission Details:

The submission deadline for all papers is 31 December 2020

To submit your research, please visit the Scholar One manuscript portal

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Contact the Editors:

Dr Jeffrey W Alstete
Iona College, USA
[email protected]

Dr Heidi Flavian
Achva Academic College, Isreal
[email protected]

Dr Krassie Petrova
Auckland University of Technology
[email protected]


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