External Evaluation of University Quality in Latin America

Call for papers for: Quality Assurance in Education

Guest editors

Óscar Espinoza

Jose M. Salazar

Pete Leihy ([email protected])

Overview of special issue        

This special issue seeks to update and expand our understanding of the operation and significance of external quality assurance in higher education across Latin American countries. It will draw together analysis on the functioning of accreditation and other quality assurance schemes within national systems.  Particularly, the broadly applied notion of New Public Management in understanding reform agendas provides guidance in assessing quality assurance’s evolution and in advancing comparative policy discussions.

We welcome initial proposals (outlining purpose, theoretical and methodological approach and expected results) of a maximum of 500 words (excluding any key references – min. 0, max. 3). First manuscript submissions should be max. 8000 words (including structured abstract, references, all text in tables, figures and appendices).

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Impact of accreditation in universities: the development of strategic management, the experience of academic departments, and the operation of core processes (teaching, research, service and administration)
  • Growing bureaucracy attached to quality assurance procedures
  • Evolving legitimacy of accreditation and external quality assurance
  • The politics of accreditation: winners and losers
  • Accreditation and the New Public Management
  • Accreditation and the World Bank: a policy recipe for what?
  • Accreditation and reform and modernisation discourse: myth and reality
  • Development of academic indicators for measuring university performance
  • Accreditation and higher education league tables and rankings
  • Quality assurance policy trajectories: regional convergence or divergence?
  • Reform and the future of higher education policy in Latin America


  • 500-word proposals due: 30 May, 2021
  • Full articles invited: 14 June, 2021
  • Invited 8000-word submissions due: 31 August, 2021
  • Publication date: 24 June 2022

Language policy

We expect proposals and submissions to be at least at a good level of Latin American academic English – we are happy to edit accepted submissions lightly into a ‘house style’. 

Prospective authors may contact the editors in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French or Kriol, and we will write back in English or Spanish as appropriate.

About the Co-Editors

Óscar Espinoza

Óscar has experience in the evaluation and theorisation of higher education quality assurance systems in Chile and in Latin America. He has published widely in the field of higher education (more than 200 publications).

Jose M. Salazar

First as a practitioner and then as a researcher, José has devoted a considerable part of his career to the study, chiefly from a policy analysis perspective, of different aspects of quality assurance and accreditation systems in higher education in Chile, Latin America, and around the world. He has published widely in the field.

Pete Leihy

Pete has experience in the evaluation and theorisation of higher education quality assurance measures in Chile, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. He is particularly interested in the history of higher education, and has studied the Argentinian and Ecuadorian systems in depth.