The future of learning: Rethinking learning in societal transformations

Call for papers for: On The Horizon

Submission opens on Scholar One: 1st May 2021

Submission date: 30th September 2021

Guest editor

Tryggvi Thayer, University of Iceland

Email: [email protected]

Overview of special issue

The aim of the Special Issue is to promote research and discourse on the future of learning. In particular it will seek to address questions regarding how the field of futures studies can contribute to our understanding of learning, how our understanding of learning evolves in correspondence with social and technological change, and what current trends and forecasts suggest are viable futures for learning and education in general. Authors will especially be invited to reflect on how their research into the future of learning can be expected to influence relevant practice and environments relating to non-formal, informal and formal learning contexts, including educational systems, educational policies, teaching strategies, educational and learning technologies, and roles of educators and other education professionals.

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Rethinking learning in societal transformations
  • Futures research in learning and education
  • Futures literacy and anticipation
  • Critical and emancipatory education: theoretical and empirical research on learning
  • Futures education and learning: pedagogy, skills and competences, forms of learning
  • Digitisation of learning environments
  • Learning as a systemic capability: learning regions and innovation systems
  • Equality of education
  • Practical implications of anticipated futures: novel teaching theories and strategies, novel physical, digital, and mixed educational environments

Submission details

All submissions must be made via ScholarOne.

For more information, please see the author guidelines.