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Leadership & Organization Development Journal

The editors of Leadership & Organization Development Journal invite special issue proposals for the coming volumes. Special issues are an opportunity to advance and energise the field through featuring topics of current interest and/or highlighting emerging topics, concepts, and voices. A special issue in LODJ comprises approximately 10 high-quality, peer-reviewed papers on a coherent theme; the guest editor/s for the special issue are also encouraged to offer an editorial articulating the importance and contribution of the special issue and its papers. Ultimately, a special issue should advance the field of postgraduate education and the postdoctoral experience and be of interest to the journal's readership.

About the journal

Leadership & Organization Development Journal (LODJ) examines the body of management theory around leadership and organizations in order to discover new, more effective ways of managing in organizations.

Public and private sector organizations face ongoing pressure to streamline activities, foster innovation, improve efficiency and achieve demanding organizational objectives. In this context, the ability of senior managers to understand the culture and dynamics of organizations and to deliver strong leadership during periods of transformation and change, could be the difference between organizational failure and success. The journal explores the practical application of leadership and organization development theory in order to identify its relevance for managerial practice. 

The journal currently publishes eight issues each year, and a few of these may be special issues. Past special issues may be browsed on the journal website.

Special issue process

  • Proposals for special issues (using the proposal form below) should be submitted to the editors and Commissioning Editor

  • One proposal will be selected by the editors, in consultation with the Emerald Commissioning Editor and the journal's Editorial Advisory Board as necessary

  • The Call for Papers for the selected special issue will intend to be posted by the end of the year at the latest.

  • Thereafter, submission and review of full manuscripts will proceed according to the timeline negotiated with the guest editor/s of the special issue and reflected in the special issue proposal form.

  • Individual papers will be released on EarlyCite following their acceptance, and the completed special issue will ideally be compiled and published for late 2024/early 2025 issues.

Selection criteria

The editors wish to receive submissions that:

  • Reflect the scope of the journal (see 'About the Journal' above and see the journal homepage for further information)

  • Incorporate diverse international perspectives and knowledges

  • Offer fresh perspectives and/or new voices to the field

  • Challenge existing thinking, power dynamics, and patterns of engagement in the research field 

  • Reflect the highest standards of academic integrity, scholarship, and ethical practice

  • Are likely to generate broad interest, deep engagement, and both scholarly and social impact

  • Support LODJ’s position at the leading edge of scholarship and impact

In addition, the editors will seek evidence that the proposed guest editors have the knowledge, skills, and availability to lead a timely, high-quality special issue process. Due diligence research and integrity checks will also be conducted by the Publishers (Emerald) before a special issue is approved.

The editors are available to respond to queries or to speak with those considering submitting a special issue proposal. Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

Contact the Commissioning Editor (Emma Ferguson, [email protected]) for a special issue proposal form.
Completed proposal forms should be submitted to the editors and Commissioning Editor by email.