Special issue guest editorship

Library Hi Tech

Prospective guest editors should submit a written proposal to the co-editors via email that incorporates the following elements:

•    A title for the special issue;
•    Rationales for the special issue topic that positions its significance in the literature;
•    Some illustrative topics that papers could focus upon;
•    A draft of the actual call for papers;
•    A plan for how authors will be recruited (which can include authors who have already been approached informally);
•    The credentials of the guest editors; and
•    A proposed timeline towards publication.

Guest editors will be responsible for publicising the call for papers and for generating submissions for the special issue. It is expected that a special issue will include an introductory essay written by the editor and normally at least six contributed papers. The introductory paper will be subject to an independent LHT editorial review by the co-editors.

The guest editors will also be actively involved in all stages of the review process in terms of identifying and inviting reviewers and making preliminary decisions on submissions. The review process will be managed online through the ScholarOne Manuscripts system.

In order to prevent any perception of conflicts of interest, it is LHT’s policy that Guest Editors cannot submit to their special issue as authors or co-authors of papers beyond the introductory article.