A message from the editor-in-chief: some exciting new foci and sections

Journal of Organizational Ethnography

The Journal of Organizational Ethnography (JOE) is heading into its second decade since its launch in 2012, with some exciting new foci and sections, including:

  • JOE wants to stimulate more submissions in the field of multispecies ethnography and climate crisis related topics;
  • '”Failure” in Ethnography' and how this shapes our fieldwork and writing. In the next issue of JOE the Section Editors will introduce this section with a research article to be published soon;
  • The 'Creative Section' focuses on alternative styles of representation in ethnography, like graphics, film, poetry or multimodal means. The Section Editors can't wait to bring ethnographic representation to its full potential in JOE;
  • 'Decolonising Ethnography' is also on its way as a new section. The section takes another rather critical look at what ethnography has become today and how that positions its literatures in today's global geo-political and geo-economic power dynamics and - inequalities; 
  • A return to a classic: a section of good old 'Book Reviews' on current (organizational) ethnographic texts.      

We specifically want to encourage colleagues from all corners of the globe, including Early Career Researchers, to submit to JOE in general and to the new exciting sections in particular! Interested authors can read more detail on the new innovative JOE sections here: https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/journal/joe/joe-announces-new-innovative-sections

Dr. Harry Wels