Cooperation during crisis! Journal of Industry-University Collaboration and Emerald Publishing Services

Journal of Industry - University Collaboration

Journal of University - Industry Collaboration

The EPS team and our partners at Wuhan University are celebrating the publication of JIUC’s first issue this year, which has been published on time despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 virus.

JIUC Associate Editor Professor Hong Gong had this to say about their achievement:

“The current crisis has made it very difficult to solicit manuscripts. However, our considerable efforts to resume work as normal together with the support of Doug and his colleagues at Emerald have meant we have overcome these difficulties and ensured that knowledge continues to be spread.”

Hong Gong goes on to say that:

“The cooperation between JIUC and the Emerald Publishing Services team has always been pleasant. Emerald is a world-renowned and professional publishing house. When we contacted Emerald, their employees were very friendly, enthusiastic, approachable, and efficient.”

The journal, appropriately titled Journal of Industry-University Collaboration is now continuing to defy the effects of the virus and is accepting submissions for its second issue.