30th Anniversary virtual special issue of the Journal of Integrated Care

Journal of Integrated Care

To support the Journal of Integrated Care's 30th anniversary, a selection of papers published throughout the journal's history have been compiled into this virtual special issue, and are free to access for a limited time only.


Table of contents

Anniversary  issue editorial
Axel Kaehne

The process of integrating care in the UK: Some reflections
Peter Thistlethwaite

A reason to be cheerful (about integrated care)
Jon Glasby, Robin Miller, Helen Dickinson

Back to the Future: Outcomes of Ten‐Year Health Planning Pilots
Christopher Riley, Marcus Longley

Factors Promoting and Obstacles Hindering Joint Working: A Systematic Review of the Research Evidence
Ailsa Cameron, Rachel Lart

Learning from Doing: Implications of the Barking and Dagenham Experience for Integrating Health and Social Care
Gerald Wistow, Eileen Waddington

Focusing on Outcomes: Their Role in Partnership Policy and Practice
Alison Petch, Ailsa Cook, Emma Miller 

The Heart of Integration
Hugh Rayner

Contracting for integrated health and social care: a critical review of four models
Jenny Billings, Esther de Weger